Artistic workshops within everyone’s reach.

The Vallarta Institute of Culture and the Cuale Cultural Center invite you to create art.

The Cuale River Island is a place rich in art and activities for all those who are curious and eager to learn. Here you will find one of the most emblematic learning spaces in the city.

The Cuale Cultural Center is an artistic learning center with years of experience and history in Puerto Vallarta. Many of us have seen or even been part of the workshops and artistic classes that have been taught for years in this place so well known to Vallartenses.

For people who like music, painting, sculpture, this is the ideal place to learn and spend time with other people who share the same tastes for the arts.


Photo: Courtesy of IVC

That is why the Cuale Cultural Center will have promotions to register for workshops and courses for the May - August cycle of classes.

During the May - June period, people interested in registering for a workshop will only pay the monthly fee for the workshop of their choice.

What workshops can you take at the Cuale Cultural Center?

There is a wide variety of classes for all tastes, you can be part of the course of: drums, painting and drawing, photography, guitar, piano, singing and many more. All courses are suitable for children, youth and adults, locals and foreigners.

These workshops and courses have teachers with years of experience in their work and teaching.

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Photo: Courtesy of IVC

At Ryan Donner & Associates we support the diffusion of the arts in Puerto Vallarta and everywhere, therefore, we invite our community to be part of these workshops and to support local art.

If you want to learn more about the work that the Cuale Cultural Center does for the community of Puerto Vallarta, or you are interested in being part of one of these workshops, you can follow them on social networks such as 'Centro Cultural Cuale' on Facebook and Instagram.