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Pier 57 Opening Suite Model

    Pier 57 its exclusive development in representation that is currently under construction in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta. The event was attended by both real estate agents and clients, who were able to know the characteristics and finishes that the departments will have. Pier 57 is located between Francisca Rodríguez and Pino Suárez…

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Fideicomisos For Beginners

For foreign, owning a property in Puerto Vallarta can be truly captivating. Being a coastal zone, it is essential to create a trust that guarantees an easy and safe purchase. Sarah Elengorn, director of Elengorn Realtors and Marco Ramírez, substitute notary attached to Public Notary Public 2; They explain the process in a general way.…

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2017 Real Estate Market Summary

Puerto Vallarta Condo Sales by Year

Besides going to the beach to soak up some golden rays, or eating tacos covered in spicy salsa, or even drinking tequila until you can’t remember your own name, there is one more thing tourists love to do in Puerto Vallarta, and that is look at real estate. The first question everyone always wants to…

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New year's festival in puerto vallarta

All Ready for the End of the Year Festival in Puerto Vallarta Start this Thursday with a series of presentations of different cultural expressions and attractions for the whole family Puerto Vallarta is ready to receive 2017 and full of visitors eager to enjoy the End of the Year Festival, which the municipal government presided…

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Why Invest In a Beach Property

Torre Lirios 7 Ocean View

    In these times of economic turbulence, you can choose profitable investment solutions. Historically, the real estate industry has always been an investment insurance. However, there are properties that have a much higher return on investment: beach properties. These are the five factors that have most influenced the consolidation of this niche.   1-…

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Real estate, the best investment

Real Estate, the best investment Currently, when investments offer low rates of return and the stock market is unstable, the real estate market distinguishes itself as a safe investment that pays good dividends to investors. Return on investment in terms greater than one year There is the possibility of acquiring a real estate on credit,…

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Nude Beaches, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit

  Maybe it’s your thing and this information will be useful. Or maybe it’s not your thing, and this information will be useful to you, just so that you know. Or maybe it’s not your thing, but you’re curious. This information could be useful. There are those who want to get out of the routine…

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weekend in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  By ONDINE COHANE With its inventive food scene, excellent beaches and “Night of the Iguana” mystique, the city makes the perfect weekend getaway.   A folk dancer performs along the streets of Puerto Vallarta’s old town in front of the Church of Guadalupe. Credit Danielle Villasana for The New York Times Despite its reputation…

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Celebrate Thanksgiving on the beach in Puerto Vallarta

  By Hugo Camarillo The “Thanksgiving” is a traditional American celebration that benefits Puerto Vallarta, since it is expected that by this day there will be a high economic spill in restaurants, both hotels and the municipality in general. Puerto Vallarta currently has a large number of Americans who have an apartment or even a…

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