Hotel Zone: An Amazing Experience for all to Enjoy

The Zona Hotelera, or otherwise known as the hotel zone, is one of Vallarta’s many beautiful neighborhoods. Ranging from Icon Vallarta, to Grand Venetian, all the way down to the Sheraton Hotel, you will find that there is plenty to do if you find yourself living in this area.

Living in the Hotel Zone:

I’ve lived in the Icon for almost three years. It is one of the “big three” spots to live in the area. Along with the Grand Venetian and Peninsula, Icon has multiple towers and both inland and ocean views. You can see people from all ages and all different types of backgrounds enjoying the wonderful amenities that are offered or soaking in some sun on the beach that is right at your doorstep!


What to do in the Hotel Zone:

Whether it’s splashing around at a pool, shopping around in La Isla outdoor mall, or taking a romantic horseback ride at sunset along the beach, there is plenty to do in the area.

Located in between Peninsula and Grand Venetian, La Isla can be described as a “contemporary, open-air complex of shops & eateries, with leafy plazas, fountains & waterways.” You also have Plaza Caracol just a couple blocks away from here as well. Towards the northern side of the Hotel Zone is the Galerias shopping mall. The amount of shopping you can do in Vallarta is limitless!

The beach is also a fantastic way to get out and experience some of Puerto Vallarta’s fun! There are many vendors along the beach selling delicious food and artisan work. You can rent a jet-ski, go paragliding, catch some fireworks at night, or even watch baby turtles make their way to the ocean!

Restaurants in the Hotel Zone:

One of the best parts about living in an area is being able to take advantage of such delicious and convenient food that’s nearby! Puerto Vallarta’s hotel zone offers a wide variety of foods for whatever your taste buds might be feeling!

Abbraccio is an Italian restaurant with great food and great wine as well. The atmosphere can feel relaxing and intimate. The smells from the kitchen will have your mouth watering to eat!

Monkey Business is a new hot spot that you might enjoy as well. Right around the corner of Icon, this restaurant is always booming with energy! With live music on most weekends and plenty of happy hour discounts, if you’re staying nearby in the hotel zone, it’s a no brainer to stop by here at least once!

La Vaca Argentina is another popular steakhouse in the area. La Vaca Argentina pays homage to the famous custom of Argentinian steakhouses by putting the beef and steak dishes front and center. Located right in front of La Isla and Grand Venetian, this spot is almost too good to pass up if you’re in the area!

The hotel zone is one of Vallarta’s best neighborhoods to go out to eat, to shop, and to enjoy all the fun beach activities in the area! It’s clear that the hotel zone has TONS to offer! If you’re considering moving here or would like some more information first hand on what it’s like to live here, please email us at so we can help answer any questions!

Patricio Fuentes

Patricio Fuentes

Real Estate Expert