Upgrade Your Rental Property

Many clients ask me how they can get the best results in their rental proposes. I always answer that it depends on what they need from their property and what they want to achieve. You have to consider also the prices of the market. I recommend talking with a professional who can make a market analysis of your property.

First, you have to draw in your mind which kind of guest you probably have. This question is key. Not too many people understand that always is the type of guest you will receive. This does not mean you’ll deny the stay to someone just because not match your profile of the client, but it always is a constant:

  • Families
  • Couples (Young, old…)
  • Gay Couples
  • Singles, digital nomads, Party Boys
  • Groups, party groups, big families…

This will help you to determine your target. Remember that if you don’t establish your product, the market does it for you, not always with the results you want.

The Kitchen

Airbnb always highly recommends having the basics for cooking. But my recommendation is based on the type of guest, and you can go higher. For example, digital nomads are known for cooking a lot and appreciate good appliances and utensils. Families also will appreciate this. 

If you have a large property frequently visited for groups, you could consider finding a local private chef and offering this service as part of your additional services. It will give you a super plus and maybe some extra money if you charge a fee for the service.

And please be sure you always have a wine opener, a good one. Wine drinkers love good things.

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Special Details

Everybody loves details. It’s a fact. But what kind of details?

Firstly you should always ask your guest if they are celebrating something special. If yes, you could upgrade your services for them. Families love this, and usually, they even offer a tip to show their gratitude. If they celebrate a birthday, you should leave ice cream in the fridge as a little detail.

For couples, I always recommend champagne and a small thing as a gift. It turns out great, and many times people write me about it after. Also, it’s so simple! So why not?

You can include all this in your fee or offer an additional service and charge some extra. Things like champagne, for example, could be extra, the flowers or ice cream are some things you can include in your list price. Maybe you can offer a package of birthday celebrations, where includes a cake and small decorations. Again it could be something you can include in your price or charge a small fee.

Internet and TV

Singles love wifi, so be sure that you provide it in all rooms. For singles and digital nomads, a beautiful detail is a Netflix account. 

Depending on your analysis of your guest type, you can also offer another type of streaming accounts. For example, if you know that your guests are young adults (18-40), you can consider a Start+ or HBO account. If your receive more kids, you can consider Disney+.

In Mexico, cable television is entirely in Spanish, and only a few channels are in English, so I wouldn’t advise using it if most of your guests are English-speaking. 


Vacation rental properties can be challenging, but it becomes much easier to create a successful strategy if you know the type of customer that will stay in your property and what they want from their visit. Always remember: think about how your guest likes details! This includes small things that may seem insignificant at first glance but could mean the world to someone else–like leaving ice cream in the fridge (in my case, you can leave a craft beer or a bottle of wine).