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Capital Gains Tax ISR

Capital Gains Taxes (ISR) on Mexican Properties

Oct. 22, 2015 UPDATE On October 18, the Mexican Congress amended the tax law for 2016.    Under the new rules, our primary residence will be exempt from capital gains after living in the home for just 3 years, instead of the current law’s every 5 years. Soda pop manufacturers got a boost with 50% reductions…

Bill Gates’s Mexican Resort Lures Tech Companies And Personalities

Bill Gates’s Mexican Resort Lures Tech Companies And Personalities

Tech companies and personalities tie up with Bill Gates’ recently renovated resort as the world’s richest man seemed to be an influential magnet to other top tech management to hold seminars, talks, and conferences. According to its press release, the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, is nearing completion and will become a five-star luxury resort…

Money Laundering

Federal Law for the Identification and Prevention of Transactions With Funds From an Illegal Origin

I. Objectives: To guard the financial system and national economy; To detect and prevent acts or transactions that involve monies from an illicit origin; To investigate and prosecute illegal acts that involve monies of illicit origin; To eliminate the use of monies that finance criminal organizations II. Crime of transactions with illicit origin resources: “Articulo…