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Five things that you may not know about democracy in Mexico

The 2021 elections will be the major election process in Mexico history Mexico implemented a political reform long process which has transformed the single party into a multi-party federal republic Mexicans living abroad can cast their vote online since 2005 10 candidates are running for Mayor of Puerto Vallarta MEXICO POLITICAL ORGANIZATION Mexico is a…

Key LGBT+ rights accomplishments in Mexico

2500 B.C.- 1521 A.D. Pre-conquest Pre-Hispanic cultures research has showed homosexuality acceptance in indigenous societies across the country. Zapotecans recognized a third gender Muxe, an intermediate between men and women. This gender usually came with men and women responsibilities in the community, and in their family was considered as a blessing. Regarding the Aztecs, the…

San Sebastián del Oeste

In 2001, Mexican Government issued the Pueblos Mágicos (Magic Towns)Program in order to enhance this village’s economic and social development by promoting tourism and private investment in this industry. Pueblos Mágicos are lesser known remarkable villages due to historical, cultural, particular folklore, legends, historical events, ruins, and other natural or cultural sites, all over the…