Why Do You Need A Fideicomiso To Buy Property In Mexico?

Promulgated back in 1917, the Mexican Constitution didn’t allow foreigners to own property in Mexican territory. That is why in 1973, the Government designed the fideicomiso, a land trust system to encourage foreign investment. And this is important because now you can buy your dream beach house through a bank trust, also known in Mexico as “fideicomiso”.…

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Ryan’s Real Estate Review: Episode 5

Since it’s Halloween we decided to focus on 3 properties and areas of Puerto Vallarta that you shouldn’t be too scared to buy in. The first property is Casa y Comercial (Home and Commercial). The ground floor features a business space and the second floor features a one bedroom apartment. This property is located in…

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Types of Property Title in Mexico


Ejidal Ejido titles are very simple and usually only consist of one or two pages. This is the only type of title we cannot promote for sale. In order for us to sell this type of property, you will need to escalate your title to Titulo de Propiedad by going through the ejido and CORETT.…

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