Like many Mexicans looking for a better quality of life, my husband and I decided to move to Banderas Bay seventeen years ago. We really believe this is a beautiful land of opportunities, surrounded by the amazing Sierra Madre Occidental that offer us during the whole year incredible postal cards images. We have seen the progress of the whole bay and I remember when I needed to do my groceries or go to the movie theater to Puerto Vallarta, because there was nothing in Banderas Bay. Now is a completely different story, every year Bahia de Banderas offers you more and more things to see, to taste, to enjoy in a general way. So here is when I see the opportunity to invest.

The bay is growing, more jobs and services are required due the increasing number of guests that we received. Every winter, every vacation period seems like the condos or houses are not enough to host the increasingly demanding location. As the wife of an architect, I know very well there is a considerable deficit of houses on the Bay.

I really fell in love with the good vibes of my people and foreigners who are very interested in knowing, learning, and understanding our culture. Is amazing to hear when they describe the sense of freedom they can find in our Banderas Bay. Love them more when they want to pass more and more time here. I will be very happy to assist you in the process of pursuing your dream of a “beach home”. Don’t hesitate to contact me, I will help you to lead your dream from the very beginning to the final process of purchasing what we call a hogar.

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