Art Galleries in Puerto Vallarta that you must visit Pt. 2

There’s no doubt that art galleries are among the most popular tourist attractions in Puerto Vallarta.

After all, what could be more fascinating than stepping into a beautiful, air-conditioned space and admiring stunning pieces of art by some of Mexico's best-known artists?

In our last blog we listed a few art galleries that are among the most visited in Puerto Vallarta. But there’s more out there worth checking out.

Here are 4 art galleries that earned their place in our art catalog.

Galerie des Artistes.

Galerie des Artistes is a highly respected and innovative gallery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The groundbreaking exhibitions they host focus on the historical or contemporary art from Mexico as well as local talent; these programs also explore how images impact our larger culture through design aspects like architecture -all while being mindful about its importance for tourism!

Guadalupe Sanchez 250, Centro, Puerto Vallarta.
(322) 223 0006
Galerie des Artistes

Corsica Art Gallery.

The ‘Galeria’ is a place where you can find the best of Mexican contemporary art, and it's all thanks to Corsica.

The gallery was founded by Mr. Jean Pierre Renucci in Puerto Vallarta 20 years ago; an Art Gallery that has changed how people think about this city with its revolutionary ideas for trends setters like themselves!

Guadalupe Sanchez 756 Centro, Puerto Vallarta.
(322) 128 1467
Corsica Art Gallery

Colectika by Peyote People.

COLECTIKA is a gallery that features the work of contemporary Native and Mexican folk artists.

The space offers an immersive experience with colorful designs on metal, paper goods in clay or wood--whether it be through photography or installation — and you can even purchase paintings for your home!

#858 G. Sánchez, Calle Allende esquina, Centro, Puerto Vallarta.
(322) 222 1007
Peyote People

Atelier 2020 - arte de hoy.

Come to Atelier 2020 – arte de hoy, a space for exploring contemporary abstract art: works on paper, collages, prints and mixed media.

Art is the focus here with artists showcasing their exciting techniques in paintings or sculptures made from glass materials too!

Leona Vicario, 226C, Centro, Puerto Vallarta.
(322) 103 6095
Petru Voichescu

From traditional Mexican art to contemporary pieces, these galleries are sure to impress.

If you're looking for a more cultured experience while in Puerto Vallarta, be sure to walk around Puerto Vallarta’s Downtown where you are surely going to find a whole lot of experiences and beautiful art in every corner.

Have you had a chance to visit any of them yet? Let us know!

-Your Mexico Real Estate Expert.