Celebrate Thanksgiving on the beach in Puerto Vallarta


By Hugo Camarillo

The “Thanksgiving” is a traditional American celebration that benefits Puerto Vallarta, since it is expected that by this day there will be a high economic spill in restaurants, both hotels and the municipality in general.

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Puerto Vallarta currently has a large number of Americans who have an apartment or even a house of their own, but there is also a considerable number of tourists from the neighboring country staying at the different hotels in the municipality, which without distinction celebrate the Day of Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of the month of November.


Thanksgiving is celebrated year after year by those who were born in the United States or who lived some time in this country, this celebration consists of meeting with family and friends to share a banquet, a dinner specifically, in the that from its origins are grateful for “the end of the harvest”. Now it is known as a secular celebration, that is, despite having religious origins, the vast majority of Americans celebrate this day wherever they are.


That is why this municipality is benefited by Thanksgiving, as Americans seek the ideal place to celebrate and share the table and dinner with family and friends who do not need to have the same nationality.

In an interview for aznoticias.mx, José Ludwig Estrada Virgen, Regional Director of Tourism in the northern coast of Jalisco, said that there are good expectations for “Thanksgiving”, “it is a celebration in which our destiny benefits, since the People go to restaurants, or in the same hotel where they are staying, they go and look for where to spend it, “he said.

“The increase in sales can even be 50% for restaurants,” said the Regional Director of Tourism in the northern coast of Jalisco.

Added to this, the “gringos” who reside in the port and who decide to stay at home and receive their guests, also generate economic movement, since they make their purchases in different stores, from a market to a super market.

It is important to mention that not all hotels or restaurants are benefited, since the location, the market to which they are directed, depends if they are inside or outside the tourist zone or downtown area and if they can offer the most common dishes to celebrate this day.

consume a dish of this type or this menu anywhere has a high cost that is abundant between 500 and 1000 pesos per adult person, while per child can cost between 250 and 500 pesos, which abounds with the economic movement that lives on port with just the celebration of this day.

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