Did you know that Mexico is one of the best countries for medical tourism?

Recent surveys place Mexico as the second country leading medical tourism industry worldwide, and Puerto Vallarta as the best positioned city in the country.

Medical Tourism

5 things about medical tourism in Puerto Vallarta

  1. Due to Puerto Vallarta geographical location, there is a wade range of flights from USA or Canada main cities.
  2. Highly medical professionals.
  3. Wide range of medical specialties.
  4. Modern and adequate infrastructure.
  5. Competitive prices (savings up to 60% of medical prices in the United States and Canada).

Puerto Vallarta is not only a vacation destination but a permanent resident for citizens from Canada and Unites States mainly. Therefore, heath care professionals in the city are aware of the requirements of these patients and offers the latest in medical technology and all medical specialties.

Medical tourism is much more than go to a different country to have a procedure done, it also gives the patient the opportunity of experience comfort and tranquility before and after their procedure that they could not have in their origin countries.
Over a million patients travel to Mexico yearly for medical care and services. Puerto Vallarta medical facilities are designed and equipped complying medical health international standards issued by World Health Organization.

Doctor with a stethoscope in the hands and hospital background.

Medical professionals national and foreign are constantly improving their knowledge throughout constant training and attending specialization national and international programs; also, many of them are recognized health care professional members or national and international Academies or College of Surgeons.

Puerto Vallarta offers a wide range of medical care services from medical spa, annual check-up, cosmetic procedures, through mayor surgical procedures, at a reasonable price, compared with the same health care services in the United States and other developed countries.

The greatest American and Canadian citizens demands are in fields such as cardiology; orthopedics and traumatology; obesity; geriatric specialized on preventive, therapeutic and palliative elderly care; dental care and cosmetic services; plastic and cosmetic surgery like male breast reduction, rhinoplasty, liposuction, lower body lift, extended abdominoplasty, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, lift, reduction, face and neck lift, and other cosmetic no-surgical procedures like Botox and filling treatments.

Puerto Vallarta health care institutions have English speaking staff, usually require payment in full at check-out, most take major credit cards and there are international insurance medical that cover health care attention in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta also offers an integral health care, combining medical procedures with alternative therapies, there is a wide range of nutrition, natural medicine, acupuncture specialists, and medical spa services.

Medical Spa IV therapy benefits

IV therapy Is a low-risk intravenous treatment (IV) directly into the bloodstream. Is nearly 100% absorption. This relatively new medical technique, in 1940s start used as efficient way to hydrate patients and get them essential nutrients. In 1960 Dr. John Myers created a formula with vitamins and minerals into his patients, latter his cocktail was improved with magnesium sulphate, B vitamins, calcium, gluconate, selenium and vitamin C, and started to use to manage symptoms of diseases like fibromyalgia, asthma, respiratory and tract infections, seasonal allergies among others.

Oral supplements have a less effectiveness due to the organism absorption capacity, the administration of vitamins and minerals intravenously and intramuscularly become popular because the absorption of the formulas is better and with immediate impact to the cells.

Nowadays this therapy is use for both life-saving applications and preventive wellness. There are a wide range of IV therapies:

  • Beauty formulas for reduce wrinkles, hydrates-tired skin and lowers inflammation;
  • Skinny treatments that generate intense weight loss and metabolizes fat, boost muscle recovery and reduce fatigue;
  • Fitness treatments that helps shorten the time of recovery after an injury, better benefits than energy drinks and nutritional supplements without common side effects of harmful additives;
  • Hangover or jetlag formulas that detoxes the system, rehydrates the body and promotes general well-being.
  • and Immune system formulas designed for illness prevention, and for recovering after respiratory diseases including Covid-19.

Immune system IV Therapy for Covid-19 prevention and treatment.

Respiratory syndrome caused by coronaviruses such as SARS-VoV-2 and influenza viruses increase oxidative stress in the body leading to cellular and tissue damage. Although currently there is not treatment for Covid-19 disease, administration of high supplemental of dose vitamin C has been shown that provide additional benefits for the prevention of viral infections, shorten the disease course and lessen complications of disease

In order to effectively fight the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus professional are exploring readily available pharmaceutical and nutritional therapeutic agents with proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and inmunosupportive properties.

Immune system main function is protecting the body from external agents that may cause a disease by fighting disease causing germs like viruses and remove them from the body, recognition and neutralization of harmful substances from the environment.

IV Therapy for Immune system is a blend of B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, and Zinc, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory vitamins. Immune system reacts strongly to what gets into the body. Vitamin c contribute cells fights against infections and disease and reduces illness duration; Zinc is an essential element for strengthening immune system; antioxidants stimulate cellular processes for fighting against external agents.

Best Medical Spas in Puerto Vallarta

Renew located in the charming neighborhood of Romantic Zone, this medical Spa offers an IV Bar with a variety of treatments, regenerative cells IV treatments, laser treatments and Botox. Also mention they have mobile service available for some treatments. Renew has a treatment call Reboot, the best option to get a rid of your hangover instantly.

Holistic Bio Spa- Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico located in La Marina neighborhood this medical Spa offers IV to improve nutrient absorption, faster metabolism, stress reduction and detox and improved focus and mental clarity treatments among others, they also provide homecare services.

Reviv Puerto Vallarta is located at Parota Center, they have private rooms and a VIP lounge for comfort, relaxation. This medical Spa offers IV Therapy, Booster shots and AND test that measure genetic predisposition of illness and a nutrition program that help avoid onset. Also mention we have this business for sale, if you want more information click here.

Best hospitals in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit

Hospiten Group is a Spain hospital network with facilities in Spain, Dominical Republic, Jamaica, Panama, Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.

Hospital CMQ was the first private facility in Puerto Vallarta in the 1982. Today, serve the healthcare needs of Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.

CMQ has 3 medical facilities; Hospital CMQ city Center that provides health care services from preventive medicine, primary cate, urgent care and family medicine to international patient services, medical tourism ground and air ambulance transportation, unit care and walk-in clinic, emergency room and surgical procedures; Hospital CMQ Premier, located closed to the main hotel zone; and another facility at Riviera Nayarit.

Hospital Joya operates in Puerto Vallarta since 2000, there are two facilities in Puerto Vallarta, close to the airport Hospital Joya Marina Vallarta and in Riviera Nayarit as well.

There are prestigious serious companies that offers medical tourism services, from accommodation, to the best alternative treatment according to the patient needs. https://medtravelpv.com

Puerto Vallarta is a world class destination for medical tourism, rest and relaxation are the best often best recovery methods after surgical procedure, and there is no place as Puerto Vallarta ocean views, tropical jungle environment and modern and Mexican style landscapes.

If you are exploring the possibility of retiring in Puerto Vallarta or make this destination your primary health care city, click here to check our properties from sale in this modern beautiful city.