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Help You to Find your best Insurance Option

At Donner & Asociados, we believe that understanding home insurance in Mexico is the first step towards protecting your valuable assets. Our country's unique landscape, from its bustling cities to serene beachside resorts, demands a nuanced approach to home insurance. With the varying risks, homeowners must be fully aware of what their plans cover and how to navigate the often complex system.

Our role is to simplify this process. We not only offer innovative insurance solutions tailored to your specific needs, but we also place significant importance on educating our clients, ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of their protection. Our commitment to authenticity and empathy sets us apart as we help you safeguard your dreams and investments.


Can you get home insurance in Mexico?

Yes, you can get house insurance in Mexico. Donner & Asociados are experts in providing tailored solutions for homeowners that take into account the unique risks associated with our country’s varied landscape and other factors of risk. We offer a range of coverage options to suit your individual requirements, whether you need protection against theft, damage caused by natural disasters, or liability with third parties.

Does American insurance work in Mexico?

No, American insurance will not work in Mexico. US policies are not licensed to operate in Mexico and would therefore be invalid. It is important that any home insurance policy taken out in Mexico meets the local laws, provides correct cover for your needs, and has a valid license in Mexico.

At Donner & Asociados, we ensure all our plans meet the necessary criteria and are legally accepted. Our experienced team will help you choose a solution that meets your expectations and provides protection for both your home and valuables.

What is covered by Mexican homeowners insurance?

The coverage provided by Mexican homeowners insurance varies between insurers but typically could include property fire damage, contents, theft, earthquakes, natural disasters, and liability. It’s important to thoroughly review what are your needs and ensure you’re correctly covered. We can help you understand what is and isn't included in your plan, so you can be sure that everything is accounted for and no surprises arise should something unexpected happen.

Does the insurance policy held by my HOA provide coverage for my unit?

It is important to clarify with your HOA and their insurance provider what exactly is covered by their policy. In most cases, the building's insurance will only cover common areas and structural elements of the building, leaving individual units and personal belongings unprotected. We recommend that homeowners also have their own individual home insurance to ensure full protection for their units and valuables. Our team can review your HOA Policy to ensure that there are no gaps in coverage and that all your needs are adequately protected.