This chart shows you the number of properties currently listed for sale in the MLS as well as the number of new properties listed each month.


This chart shows you four different examples of price. The average list price, the new average list price, median list price, and the new median list price. (US Dollars).

[market_stats type="inventory" display="ActiveListings,NewListings"]

[market_stats type="price" display="ActiveAverageListPrice,NewAverageListPrice,ActiveMedianListPrice,NewMedianListPrice"]

Sales Price to List Price Ratio

The higher the number on this chart, the less "discount" people receive when purchasing property. The closer to 100, means people are paying closer to full asking price. The lower the number goes, the less people are paying.

Average Days on Market

The average days a property sits on the market (DOM) is displayed in this chart. Remember that we are primarily a second home market, which is why we have such a high DOM.

[market_stats type="ratio" display="SaleToOriginalListPriceRatio"]

[market_stats type="dom" display="AverageDom"]