Who are the Huichol Community?

You may have noticed Huichol artists hawking their work on the street or on a beach. Huichol art has been transcendental in Mexico, and we’ll discuss more about this fascinating culture in this post. The Wixárika community, known as Huichol, is a 16th-century pre-Hispanic culture descendent from the Aztecs. One of the last pre-Hispanic alive civilizations in Mexico thanks the rough topography of their territories, mainly in the Sierra Madre mountains.

Huicholes are the most resilient to outside influencers since the Spanish conquest. Due to their location in the Western Sierra Madre of Mexico, the mountains and difficult access to this human settlement help them to keep their lifestyle, beliefs, and traditions presently.

Communities protection and care in Mexico

The Mexican government has been acted by creating a national act and other public policies for the protection and support of native communities. 

Like other indigenous communities in Mexico, the law protects allows them to have their own historical civil and religious organization. 

The National Community for the development of pueblos indigenes is in charge to observe their traditions are respecting them, also getting involved with education, health, art promotion, and other services for the community.

One of the main achievements of this initiative is that if the government of the private sector is planning to build any kind of facilities or infrastructure, aside from the environmental studies, another requirement is to organize an inquiry in the community where the construction is planning to take place. 

The government is obligated to inform the inhabitants about the potential benefits and affections in their community with the new construction. 

Once they are informed, the people vote, and their will must be respected.

Here you can find more information in the Mexican government Website about Huichol Community.

Huichol Art and Culture 

Huicholes are full of traditions and mysticism, they believe the mountains around them are the home of deities like trees, mountains, oceans, moon, suns, and they venerate them and their ancestors in religious ceremonies.

The Wirikuta Valley is considered a sacred territory. Huichol community celebrates many rituals to honor nature deities and ancestors.

Huichol art is based on praise to their gods through birth colors in yarn paintings with flowers and animals among other patterns.

They celebrate a sacred religious ritual using peyote a small Mexican cactus with hallucinogenic effects.

Key elements of Huichol Art

Deer. – This is the most important element of Huichol art, considered Goodness messenger, and creator of peyote and corn.

Peyote. – Is considered the portal of access between humans and goodness, also is considered the source of life and the order of the world.

Eye of God. – Is a tool to get the ability to see things in their real dimension, and also indicate the cardinal points.

Lizard. – is the God of fire, older than the sun, is considered as protector God, in him they find purification. 

Eagle. – Is also a bridge between goodness and man. Their feathers have the power to hear and see everything. This God has healing powers and the capacity to show up to the sun and the moon.

Arrow. – Is the masculine gender and is the element for hunting and sending messages. The messenger arrows are related to the eagle and are decorated with feathers to send messages to their goodness.

Shells. – is the representation of the feminine, because they transport seeds in it to the field to be seeded 

International promotion and recognition 

Huichol art has been amazed visitors and transcended frontiers by being exhibited in the most important museums and cultural forums worldwide.

Currently, arte Huichol is part of the Mexican Pavilion at the famous world expo 2020 edition hosted by Dubai from October 1 through 31 March 2021, this is the 50 edition of this famous international expo, and on this occasion each participant country will have a pavilion int the Expo Dubai 2020, to get to know their culture and traditions. 

This is a great opportunity for member countries, including Mexico, to promote the culture, an amazing Huichol art worldwide.

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