Mexican Food

México is famous for its culture, traditions, natural beauty, and people, but most of all, for its food, it has one of the wealthiest gastronomies in the world. It is the product of a set of ancient techniques that are followed even today, and a sort of mix between products and ingredients, the secret touch is always a little bit of spicy and simply delicious.  

Over the years, many recipes have taken our breath away, making Mexican food one of the most requested in the world. 

We celebrate our country in September, and the proper way to do it is by eating, dancing, and celebrating with family and friends. We will talk about three traditional dishes that you cannot miss when you visit Mexico.

Chile en Nogada

mexcian foodThis is one of my favorite ones. It is a festive dish typically served in September to celebrate Independence Day because the plate’s colors are said to resemble the colors of the Mexican flag, red, white, and green.

This recipe consists of a poblano chili stuffed with a stew of beef and pork mixed with fresh and crystallized fruits, nuts, spices, aromatic herbs, and wine; weathered and fried with egg whites, and topped with a white sauce made with fresh Castile nuts, almonds, cheeses, milk, and sherry. In the end, it is decorated with pomegranate seeds and parsley leaves.


You can eat tamales all year round. It’s a typical Mexican food that you can find in any part of México. 

Tamales are made of corn flour dough stuffed with meat, chicken, chili, or other ingredients, wrapped in corncob or banana leaves, and steamed or baked; According to the countries, the ingredients vary, and it comes in different forms.

mexican food


mexican foodPozole is a traditional Mexican soup that is full of different flavors, loved by many, and is consumed all year round, also on a festive day like Christmas eve.

There are many vertions of pozole as Pozole Verde, Pozole Rojo, Pozole blanco. 

This recipe consists of pork shoulder or shanks, red chiles, and lots of hominy corn. You can add shredded cabbage, thinly sliced radishes, chopped avocados, cilantro, onions, and wedges of lime.

Whichever recipe you choose to eat is always a good time to try new things. Mexico awaits you with open arms to try all the culinary delights it has to offer.