Basic Mexico Immigration Information

As in any country, Mexican Immigration authorities will verify the authenticity of the documents and the truthfulness of the information you will provide at the airport.

Consulate and Immigration authorities may request information regarding the reasons for your travel, the length of your stay, how you are financing your visit, where you are staying if you know people in Mexico, how long you are visiting, etc.


Citizens of the Schengen Area, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, or permanent residents don’t require a visa to visit Mexico for tourism, studies, or business no longer than 180 days.

In all cases, you will need a valid passport with more than 6 months of validity and a completed Multiple Migratory Form (FMM). They are available at the airport, and a flight attendant will give you one on the plane before landing.

The exemption does not allow any economic activity or income in Mexico. Therefore, keep in a safe place FMM. You will be asked for it at your departure.


To obtain a Mexican visa, you must go to the Mexican Embassy or Consulate in your own country and ask the Department of Foreign Affairs representative for the requirements for application.

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Here Mexican consulate directory

You can submit your application online or at the Consulate. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, some migratory offices are closed or limited operation. However, you can send an email with your request at [email protected] for further information regarding the application.

Any type of visa requires the application form, a valid passport, photo passport size, and other information depending on the category you will apply for.

Here is some useful general information regarding Mexican immigration status.

Types of visas

real estate1) Tourist

For foreign willing to remain in the country up to 180 days.

For submitting a tourist visa is required a passport with 6 months of validity.  Economic solvency proof, the time of your stay, where you are staying, etc.

2) Education

For a student visa, the main requirements are proof of the student’s enrolment at the Mexican educational institution. This can be the acceptance letter issued by the educational institution.

Also, proof of economic solvency to support the student during the academic stay, like bank statements, scholarships, etc.

If the academic stay is less than three months, a tourist visa will be enough to remain in the country for a period of 30-60 days.

3) Temporary residence

Foreigners who want to remain in the country for more than 180 days and up to 4 years.

After the first year is necessary to apply for a renewal.

Temporary residents can submit for a Mexican registration number (CURP), which helps open national bank accounts, register automobiles, avoid capital gains tax on real estate properties sales.

Some institutions and businesses like hospitals or restaurants have discounts for residents. Moreover, don’t have to leave the country every 180 days.

4) Permanent visa

These visas are issued for foreigners who want to live in Mexico for an extended time and those who wish for Mexican citizenship.

This visa allows residents to work, apply for health insurance in Mexico, only requires a one-time application. Generally, all the rights that Mexican citizens have, except voting.

Mexico issues other immigrational qualities to citizens who want to come to Mexico for temporary work; adoption; religious activities, and extended education programs.


Any category of visa application has a fee of around USD 40.00.

Here are the additional fees for every migration quality:

2021 Fees

Type of visa

Fee in Mxn

Visitor with permission to perform remunerative activities


Visitor for adoption purposes


Temporary resident for one year


Temporary resident for two years


Temporary resident for three years

$8, 376.00

Temporary resident for four years


Permanent resident


Residency card replacement


Modification for immigration status


Regularization for immigration status


Immigration status certificate


Departure and entrance permit


Authorization to perform remunerative activities for students and temporary residents


Authorization for temporary residency for a minister of religion or belonging to a religious association (yearly)


Border worker visitor


Visitor with no permission to perform remunerative activities


Humanitarian Causes

According to the internal capabilities and international law, the Mexican government historically gives protection and assistance for humanitarian reasons to people whose lives and safety are in danger.

Last August 25, a group of 124 journalists and their relatives, and 5 young Afghan teen girls, part of the Afghan Dreamers Team, arrived in Mexico. 

After several civil organizations requested these women’s welfare, Mexican authorities took diplomatic and consular action to ensure their safe transportation to Mexico.

Mexican civil society paid for the transportation and is giving them shelter and basic supplies.

The Afghan Dreamer team members are girls between 15 and 17 years. The team is internationally recognized for its accomplishments in robotic championships, recently created an explosive trace detector, and built ventilators for COVID-19 treatments from used car parts during the pandemic.

These young ladies are a symbol of the pursuit of women’s human rights in Afghanistan.

And now they are safe and with the government support to start a new life. For further information click here

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