New Restaurant in Zona Romantica: Los Toneles

Puerto Vallarta is characterized as having a unique gastronomic scene. Zona Romantica especially has a lot of good restaurants. Here you can find all types of food (and everything is delicious). People who visit this beautiful town come with the intention of living the peace of the beach, making some good friends, and enjoying unforgettable dinners.



Every winter season, which is the highest season in the destination, you can find a new remarkable restaurant. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a favorite because the offer of restaurants in Puerto Vallarta is so large. When you find a good restaurant you shouldn’t forget the name, and even better recommend it to your friends.

I want to talk about an amazing restaurant in the heart of the Zona Romantica. The concept comes from San Luis Potosi. Los Toneles has a history from 2005 but is not only a restaurant, they also sell their own brand of wines.

The Origin of Los Toneles Vallarta

The owners of Los Toneles in San Luis Potosí had the intention to open a branch in Puerto Vallarta, but they didn’t find the right business partner. Last year, with COVID, Chef Fabiola Meraz decide to move to Puerto Vallarta for a short period of time. She fell in love with this amazing city and decided to contact her business partner to talk about opening a new restaurant in Zona Romantica, which is how Los Toneles Puerto Vallarta was born.

wine A Wine Experience Restaurant in Vallarta

The story of this restaurant is something that comes “From the Heart” like the name of a wine of this private collection. In Los Toneles Vallarta you will find more than 300 wine labels, between Toneles productions and other recognized brands.

The main objective of Los Toneles is to offer an amazing Wine Experience with delicious food. The atmosphere of this place invites you to enjoy the moment, share with friends and discover new flavors.

Who is the Chef of Los Toneles Vallarta

The love for the Mexican flavors and traditional technics combined with global trends is what defines the style of Chef Fabiola Meraz. She studied at The Culinary Institute of America. She has vast experience of world gastronomy trends brought from her travels all around the world. She has been a restaurant owner in San Luis Potosi. COVID change her life, so decide to launch Los Toneles Vallarta with people who trust in her talent.


You will find on the menu that they play with new ingredients, some of them are well known and other ones new from “La Huasteca Potosina”

La Huasteca Potosina is located northeast of México, in the state of San Luis Potosí, and formed by 20 municipalities. This gastronomic area is so extensive in its ingredients that It is difficult to summarize all of them because they combine Pre-hispanic and Spanish elements.

70% of the menu is a creation of Fabiola, which converts this restaurant into signature cuisine. For her, the most important factor is the FLAVOR!

The Experience in Los Toneles Vallartaexperience

When you walk into Los Toneles Vallarta, you find this inviting environment. The decoration and lighting design makes the place charming, intimate, and pleasant. It’s perfect to enjoy with friends or have a romantic dinner with your loved one.

The decoration of this restaurant is inspired by the wine cellars. The tables are made from wood and have a wine cask look. You will also see old wine barrels. And, don’t forget that the main objective is to offer a great experience with wines and delicious food.

The Menu in Los Toneles Vallarta

The Traditional Menu of Los Toneles in San Luis Potosí is Mexican food and Argentinian cuts. In Los Toneles Vallarta, you will find a very open concept. The menu is a balance between surf and turf, cuts of Certified Angus Beef, and uncommon Mexican dishes (not to say that they are not good, they are just less known).

Highlights of the menu include the black Pastor Taco, Tamarind Tuna Ceviche, and Machaca (shredded) octopus. You can see more of the menu here.

This is a perfect opportunity to try a new way to eat Mexican food. If you want to escape the routine of just eating “Tacos de Asada” or “Chile Relleno”, go to discover a new way to enjoy Mexico through Los Toneles Vallarta´s food and wine.


Los Toneles Vallarta

+52 1 (322) 318 2277