Nude Beaches, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit

Maybe it’s your thing and this information will be useful. Or maybe it’s not your thing, and this information will benudist-beach-nude in vallarta-nudisim useful to you, just so that you know. Or maybe it’s not your thing, but you’re curious about nude beaches. This nudist information could be useful. There are those who want to get out of the routine and experience something new. For others, it is a lifestyle. There are those who look for them when they go on vacation, and those who go on vacation just to look for them. The first thing you should know is that these places are also called natural habitad. So, if you are vegetarian or a bird lover, do not be confused! Now, if you are not confused, and this is what you are looking for, there are some elementary rules that you should know and respect when you visit a development or a naturist or nudist beach.

Please, take note:

Do not act as if you have never seen a nude before. The people who visit these places go to feel comfortable and free. They want to enjoy the sun and the natural beach and not be scrutinized as if they were weirdos from a zoo.
Avoid at all costs the use of cameras to photograph other nudists and not to mention the use of binoculars in general. You will pass a as pervert and they will end up expelling you from the place. Find out where you can be. It is not going to be that you leave in suit of Adam (or Eva) outside the limits of the place. You must understand that the fact that you are on a beach or a nudist development does not mean that there are no limits. Treat everyone with respect and do not assume that the people who visit you are looking for sex. If so, you have not understood anything yet and you should refrain from visiting these places. Do not act like you’re in high school. Avoid commenting about other visitors. Make sure you bring some swimsuit or appropriate clothes to leave the place. You could end up in the police station for lack of morals. In summary use common sense, observe the behavior of other visitors and respect them as if you were anywhere else. nudist-beach-nude in vallarta-nudisim Although in Europe and South America are very common, nudist developments and nudist beaches are not so common in Mexico. It is true that since the 60’s we know about these places, but it is only relatively recently that they have become more popular. Now I will tell you about some places in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and its surroundings to practice this naturist activity.

nudist-beach-nude in jalisco-nudisimSayulita Beach

Only 40 minutes north from Puerto Vallarta, in the town of Sayulita, its main beach is not nudist, but it is common to see topless women in the place without anyone being disturbed. While you are there, you can practice surfing and spend a bohemian day listening to reggae music in your favorite beach bar. Bay of Matanchén in Nayarit Here, nudism is also tolerated, although the beach is not necessarily nudist. Bahia de Matanchén is located next to the town of San Blas, in Nayarit, where you can enjoy great seafood. The only recommendation is that you carry, in addition to your sunblock, a repellent against Mosquitos. To get there, it’s a 3-hour drive along the coast north from Puerto Vallarta, or a 40 minutes drive from the airport of Tepic City.

Playa Blanca in Costa Careyes, Jalisco.

Driving the cost down south from Puerto Vallarta, 3 hours away, you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. Among them, you can visit a jewel called Playa Blanca, close by Hotel Careyes. This is one of the first beaches I remember where nudism is not only tolerated, but practiced with tenacity. banner-ryan-donner

Punta Serena, the nudist beach of Jalisco, in Jalisco state.

Punta Serena is your place, is located Tenacatita bay, between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta, 40 minutes south of Playa Blanca. You can only reach this beach entering from Punta Serena hotel, giving its visitors absolute privacy. Remember, if sunbathing nude in front of the ocean is your thing or not, you can always search for Your Dream Home in Paradise here where you can find the complete MLS list of properties available in the area, or contact us.