Puerto Vallarta Airport to receive 248 flights over holiday weekend

Puerto Vallarta will welcome a marathon of flights arriving at the international airport for the New Year’s Eve weekend.

The influx of visitors who will arrive in the next two days by air will account for nearly 25,000 people, which will undoubtedly leave a large economic benefit to the area.

Thousands of national and international visitors will welcome 2017 in Puerto Vallarta, one of the three most sought after beach destinations in the country, considered a natural paradise with Mexican identity and great hospitality by all people.

In total, there will be 172 flights that will arrive on Saturday to Puerto Vallarta, coming from 43 cities in Mexico and the United States, representing a wave of visitors who will be here between three and seven days or more.

Between Friday and Saturday, there will be 248 domestic and foreign flights that will arrive in Puerto Vallarta, all with 100% occupancy, as confirmed by the airline representatives. A calculation of the average capacity per plane at 100 people, the city will welcome about 24,800 visitors, not including those arriving by car and bus.

Over the weekend, 14 flights from Mexico City will arrive; Guadalajara 8; Monterrey 4. Of the international flights, 22 from Los Angeles and Orange County; Montreal 4, and 1 Manchester, United Kingdom, to cite a few examples.

This would not be possible, said the Director of Tourism, Agustín Álvarez Valdivia, without the joint, coordinated and effective work of all sectors that in one way or another participate in tourism promotion, aligned with the strategies and programs implemented by the Fidetur throughout the year.

The work of the hotel industry is fundamental to support the actions of promotion, marketing, public relations, social networks and thus consolidate their sales. The results are remarkable, the average occupation of the year will be over 70 percent – and this year-end season exceeds 90 percent – filled for several days between Christmas and New Year.

The commercial and restaurant sectors have also actively participated in promotional activities that have a direct impact on motivating the arrival of visitors, some first time and many more repetitive.