Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride. Gay Rights Movement Commemoration 2021

A bit of Gay Pride History

Even though Gay Right Movement started in 1920s, in June 1969 there was an episode known as Stonewalls that became a flashpoint for the LGBTQ+ community. At the time solicitation of same sex relations was illegal in New York and many other places. New York State Alcohol Authorities penalized and shot down bars that serve alcohol to known or suspected LGTBQ+ individuals, by the argument that the mere gathering of homosexuals was disorderly.

Stonewalls Pioneers. Photo by History

New York Police raided The Stone Inn, a cub located in Greenwich Village in New York City. The raid sparked a riot among bar patrons and neighborhood residents as police roughly hauled employees and patrons out of the bar, leading 6 days of protests with law enforcement in the neighborhood.

The Riots
The Riots. Photo by History

A year after the notion of Pride parade was born, as a legacy of this deplorable incident, every year since then, Gay Pride event take places worldwide as a celebration for recognition of LGBTQ+ community, memorials for those who been lost for a disease or discrimination, fundraising and educational events.

Puerto Vallarta best gay-friendly in the region.

Puerto Vallarta has gained international recognition as being The Gay Beach Capital of Mexico, due to the hotels, bars, nightclubs, beaches, the welcoming and safe environment in this local and foreign community. Is a Marvelous gay scene filled with nature, arts, culture, history, music, shopping, dining and embraces diversity and respects the value of all residents and visitors.

Gay Pride

Puerto Vallarta assistance LGTBTQ+ Community.

LGBTQ+ Activism in Puerto Vallarta is very strong, Act LGBT A.C. is a gay friendly Business and tourism network. This non-profit association provides a networking for economic development of LGTBQ+ business community; improve Puerto Vallarta LGTBQ+ community; educate a strengthen the destination position as a world class tourism LGTBQ+ destination and promote Puerto Vallarta excellent service mage.

SETAC Community Center, is an organization that provides health, education transformation and activism services for the LGTBQ+ community.

SETAC was created in 2009 and have designed programs and services to educate and distribute information about VIH and other sexually transmitted infections (IST) on Jalisco´s coast and Banderas Bay. These programs include free VIH test, physiological counselling and medical referral. They work through strategic alliances with government institutions such as Censida (National Center of VIH/AIDS prevention and control), AHF Mexico (Aids Health Care Foundation), COESIDA (State Advocacy Council for AIDS in Jalisco), UNFPA (United Nations Funds for Populations Activities) specialist, and sponsors.

Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride

Puerto Vallarta will hold the ninth edition of Gay Pride, from May 24-31, 2021. This is the main event in the region. https://vallartapride.org A 5-day festival for celebrate the sexual diversity in Puerto Vallarta with parties, culture, concerts, worldwide recognized performers and DJ´s and performers.


In this context, SETAC organizes Nuestro Orgullo (Our Pride) a festival LGBTQ+ Vallarta 2021, a Fundraiser, educational, health care and cultural events to benefit LGBTQ+ community in the context of Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride 2021. For further information consult Activities calendar https://setac.com.mx/en/our-pride/

  • Program starts with a camping from May 24-31 Secreto en la Montaña: Campamento Rústico (Brokeback Mountain) in a ranch located at 4 km from Puerto Vallarta. A beautiful place in the wildness in pure natural surrounding with natural pools, a perfect opportunity to share the experience of nature with LGBTQ+ community;
  • May 24th Pride opens with a ceremony at Los Muertos Beach called Alas para la Comunidad (Wings for LGBTQ+ Community) at Los Muertos Pier, a ceremony with Alas de Canto academy students presenting a singing reciting and the raising of the rainbow flag that represents life dignity, and the fight for the rights the community;
  • May 25th a fundraiser event Un día de donar con Krispy Kream (one day for donation sponsored by Krispy Kreme). A donut sale for funding of Down A.C., Santa Barbara Rehabilitation Clinic, San Juan Shelter and SETAC causes; http://krispykreme.mx/

    Down A.C. is a local Foundation with people with Down syndrome, created in 1988, providing programs regarding help, moral support and general information to parents; promoting school and social integration; and family therapeutic and pedagogical training. http://downvallarta.com/index.html

    Santa Barbara A.C. is a medical, that provides clinic physical and language therapy; medical care and rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities with low income. This non-profit clinic specialized in motor functions, orthopedic injures and diseases of the neuromusculoskeletal system. http://rehabsantabarbara.com.mx

    Asilo San Juan Diego A.C. is a nursing home for elderly integral care in vulnerable conditions. http://asilosanjuandiego.com

  • May 26th A “Chemsex” and addictions symposium with experts from Marakame Rehabilitation Clinic, about risks, treatments and reduction of having sex using chemicals practice. Instituto Marakame is The Nayarit State rehabilitation clinic;
    This clinic is given addiction treatments based on The Minnesota Model of Addiction Treatment, the approach expands on the 12-step program with complementary of medical care. Clinic also have family support and prevention programs. http://www.marakame.nayarit.gob.mx.
  • May 27th A night of experiences, love, and life lessons throughout LGTBQ+ short films at Los Mangos Library the beautiful garden;
  • On May 28 Feria de Salud (Health exhibition) sponsored by SETAC and MedTravel about LGBTQ+ community Health services available at Puerto Vallarta. MedTravel is a local association for the medical tourism and international patient industry, focus on providing access to transparent, high quality healthcare services, providers, insurance, among others;
  • May 28th Gala Mexiqueer, a fundraiser dinner for LGBTQ+ community with a performance of the original LGBTQ+ Mexican folklore singer Albert Cuevas;
  • May 28th Noche de Luciérnagas/ Honrando la vida (Fireflies night/Honor to life). An open party and a tribute for those who have contributed and lighted LGBTQ+ history. And also, an opportunity to make a tribute to all who have lighted LGBTQ+ history, with lighting candles, also will be mariachi and DJ;
  • May 29th Yoga en la comunidad Oscar´s (yoga in Oscar´s Community). Practice a free yoga session with Victor Rodríguez with the ocean and Cuale River background;
  • May 29th Show De Teatro Cabaret Mexican Jill Pawer. A cabaret show conference presented for Mexican drag writer Aurora I. Vallarta. This show is wrotte a multi-level sale home products context; Facebook/LaDragtoraAurora/
  • May 29th Red Dress Party: United Against HIV Red dress parties have become a symbol fundraising HIV events;

    Red Dress Parties are a piece of gay folklore, first held in Oregon in 2001, this tradition for HIV funding started with a gay male couple promised after they received VIH diagnoses. They promised to each other to wear a red dress at their funerals, to bring attention to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States.

  • May 30th Fiesta del Orgullo a celebration for LGTBIQ+ visibility and rights recognition achievement;
  • May 30th Closing event Ayudame Supermana! (Help me my super friend!) A very popular artist and activist will present a conference about achieving happiness despite life difficulties.

Puerto Vallarta shares San Francisco-like designations as an alternate lifestyle capital on a global basis, If you want to explore the possibility to become a member of the LGTB+ friendliest community in Latin America, consult available properties for sale click here.