Puerto Vallarta Is Safe? Read This First

mexicoMexico is a large country, and every region has particular social situations according to the number of inhabitants, economy, etc. So, naturally, this increases problems like insecurity in specific areas.

Like many countries in LATAM, Mexico faces social inequity and drug cartels problems.

The current government had created the National Guard, a well-trained special task force in charge of the citizens security.

Also, the federal government support tourism cities along with the country through a substantial budget, permanent coordination, training, and specialized human resources to prevent crime episodes and keep these cities safe because they are fundamental in Mexican economic growth.

Safety Citizens Perception National Statistics

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) is the government agency responsible for generating objective and quality information based on national surveys.

The surveys and statistics focus on improving public services to the population, so the government creates public policies on an objective basis to enhance citizens life quality.

In a recent survey regarding citizens perception of insecurity in their city (March-June 2021), the main cities in Jalisco, including Jalisco´s capital, Guadalajara, and cities like Cancun, ranked up to 24%, where citizens do not consider their city safe.

While in Puerto Vallarta ranked around 73% of residents and population older than 18 that consider Puerto Vallarta a safe place to live. https://www.inegi.org.mx/contenidos/saladeprensa/boletines/2021/ensu/ensu2021_07.pdf

Puerto Vallarta Safety Versus other cities in the United States

According to Numbeo website, august 2021 data, Puerto Vallarta is a safest city, compared to cities like Miami, Florida.

Numbeo website creates reliable data that is regularly used as a source of data for recognized media companies such as the BBC, Time, Forbes, and New York Times. For further information and compare with other United States cities, click https://www.numbeo.com

This graphic elaborated citizens’ perception of September 2021 data with Puerto Vallarta and Miami, Florida inhabitants.

puerto vallarta insecurity

As you can appreciate in the graphic, the level of crimes in Miami rated Moderate (58.73%), while Puerto Vallarta rated low (38.04%).

The perception of general crime, being robbed, car stolen, being attacked, vandalism, and assault or armed robbery is considerably lower in Puerto Vallarta than in Miami.

Remarkably, the survey result for being assault for gender, religion, ethnic origin, and using or dealing drugs is significantly lower than the citizens perception in Miami.

Safety walking during the daylight and night also ranked in a considerable high secure perception versus Miami.

real estateReinforcing National Security Strategy

A new security plan has launched this February, intending to reinforce security in many cities in the country.

This plan passes the leadership of local security to the Mexican Navy.

The objective is to improve coordination in the three levels of government, reinforcing presence in every neighborhood of the city for the security and tranquility of Puerto Vallarta residents and visitors.

The safety perception of Puerto Vallarta is distorted by the idea that organized crime currently has a strong presence in Jalisco. Nevertheless, Jalisco is a vast state.

This situation prevails in Guadalajara and the surrounding area, and other places on Mexico´s coast.  Puerto Vallarta´s harbor is not a target for illegal operations. In fact, the city is ranked in the 10 safeties cities in Mexico.

Tips for your security

All Bahía de Banderas coastlines are guarded by authorities, although, here are some preventive recommendations:

1) Avoid taxis from the street. Uber is available in Puerto Vallarta and offers a professional service, and it is cheaper than streets taxis.

Public transport is also secure and offers a wide range of routes, covering the entire city and Nuevo Vallarta. Additionally, there are plenty of new units within AC.

Local Bus station is also safe, if you want to go further Puerto Vallarta to Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerías,  Sayulita, San Pancho, etc.

2) Use the safe box of your accommodation for valuable documents, cash, jewelry.

3) Like every city, Puerto Vallarta, the neighborhoods at the city’s periphery are more dangerous and less guarded. Avoid these places, especially at nighttime.

The best places for dinner and fun nights are in La Marina, Hotel Zone, Downtown, Romantic Zone, and other beautiful, secure areas.

4) Keep your bag close and with you with limited amounts of cash and cards.

5) The ATMs are, in general, in secure locations. However, we recommend not to use them late at night.

6) There is an excellent variety of known agencies for different activities, from hiking to fishing. Hire professional and recognized services to avoid problems.

Also, safe water taxis are available for spending the day in one of the beautiful beaches close to the bay, like Yelapa, Quimixto, Colomitos, etc.

We are sure that with this updated information regarding safety in Puerto Vallarta and the recommendations we bring, your visit to Puerto Vallarta will be extraordinary. You will fall in love with the city landscapes, outstanding mountain views, and first-class tourist services and cuisine.

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