Buying Real Estate in Bucerias

Bucerias is a beautiful city that has been attracting new residents from all over the world. The real estate market in Bucerias is booming, and there are many options to choose from. Bucerias is part of Riviera Nayarit.

The most desired neighborhoods for buying property are Terralta y Los Amores, Playa Dorada, Playa Huanacaxtle, Los Arboles y Buenos Aires.

There are also many gated communities on the outskirts of town which offer more privacy than those closer to downtown Bucerias. Buying a home in Bucerias can be a good investment as prices have been steadily increasing since 2016.

In this article, I will talk about things you should consider before buying real estate in Bucerias:

Affordable Lifestyle

Bucerias has a much more affordable lifestyle than in Canada or US. One can live comfortably on $2,000 per month, even less if you are economy-minded.

The main expenses will be food, household items and utilities.  Entertainment such as restaurants and nightlife is also quite affordable. You can dine on local cuisine for $100 pesos ($5 USD) per meal per person, spend $500 pesos ($25 USD) on a nice dinner date with your spouse per person, or $1000 pesos ($50 USD) in a super fancy dinner per person. The lifestyle you will enjoy in Bucerias would be unthinkable to many people in Canada or US.

Beach Acces in Bucerias

The beachfront is a major attraction for tourists and residents alike. There is 25km of beach in Bucerias. In Mexico Beaches are public, some hotels and beach clubs have concessions on this federal zone, but they have to leave 20 meters from the average level of the ocean to the private area.

The city of Bucerias is very proactive with its beach cleaning and maintenance, and they work hard to keep the water clean.

There are many activities on the beach such as sunbathing, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The ocean in Bucerias is generally calm with small waves. Also, Bucerias is car distance of 10-25 min to Sayulita, Lo de Marcos and Nuevo Vallarta.

Cost of Property in Bucerias

Real estate prices in Bucerias have been on the rise since 2016.

There are many residential properties for sale, and some of them are brand new as people who come to visit fall in love with the town and decide to move there. The majority of the town was built in the last 15 years, and there are many new developments.

The statistics of the Associations of Realtors in Mexico registered 185 transactions in Bucerias in 2021. The average price for a condo in Bucerias is $272,876 USD, for a house is $403,184 USD.

Condos Sold 2021 in Bucerias
Houses Sold 2021 in Bucerias

The prices of these condos and houses increase by 4-12% per year. Many people will buy a condo or house in Bucerias to rent it while they are not using it, which is a great source of income. See properties in Bucerias

Vacational Rental Market in Bucerias

The rental market is strong in Bucerias. There are many people who buy property in Bucerias with the plan of renting it out, they can make more money on their investment this way.

According to the website, the Median Nightly Rate in Bucerias is $196 USD. Bucerias is also very close to Puerto Vallarta (which has more visitors) and Nuevo Vallarta, which means that you can charge similar (not the same) prices on your rentals.

We can help you to find the ideal investment property to recover your investment as fast as possible.

Buying real estate in Bucerias can be a great investment, but there are many things to consider before you take the plunge. We hope this article has provided some valuable insight into what it’s like to invest in Mexico.

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