Real Estate in Bucerias: See all the options!

Bucerias - Nayarit
Bucerías, Nayarit

One of the mistakes more commons about buy real estate in México is potential buyers don’t take the time to know all the opportunities they have. It is not convenient to think that all the opportunities are in Puerto Vallarta without taking a look at properties outside like Bucerias, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Sayulita, or San Pancho. Real Estate in Bucerias is HOT!

Bucerías is a small town located in the northwest of Puerto Vallarta, about 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta downtown. It is a great place for water sports and leisure that offers more than 29 km of sand beaches.

If you are thinking of retirement this is a perfect place. It is far from the noise of the city but enough civilization to have basic services like supermarkets, malls and good health service.

Take a look at the most important areas:

Bucerias Downtown: Investment Properties

If you are interested to be in the heart of the city this is your place. Consider that Bucerias is crossed by one of the most important highways. That means that this area will be a little bit noisy. It would be good if your plan is to have an investment property. Tourists love to be in the middle of the action. In this area, investing in real estate is a great opportunity for a quick return.

Playa Huanacaxtle: Luxury Real Estate

If you want to live Bucerias in a more luxury experience this is perfect for you. This is area could be considered a big potential for the Luxury Real Estate market. This area is on the side of the beach, from the middle of Bucerias all the way to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Here you have to consider the prices are high compare to the average in Bucerias, but you will be literally no more than 3 blocks to the beach.

Terralta and Los Amores: Investment Opportunities

This area is located opposite the beach. Close to the highway, but still a few blocks from the beach. In the last years has been in the eyes of developers. They have made a very good job offering good inventory with high-quality for real estate buyers. If you want to have an investment that is the well-related price-location, this is your best option to invest in Real Estate in Bucerias.

Zona Dorada: Luxury Properties

This is a privileged location in Bucerias, located a few meters away from the beach. You will find excellent condos and houses with privileged views of the Bay of Banderas. You should have in count this is one of the most desired areas. Here you will find properties from very good to excellent quality. There are many characteristics that will be reflected in the price of this area. The name say everything: The Golden Area

Bucerías is a great place to buy real estate. It offers more than 29 km of sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and wonderful views. If you are thinking about retirement or want to invest in Luxury Property this area will be perfect for you but if not there are other options with lower prices that can still provide good returns on your investment. Take a look at the most important areas Bucerias Downtown, Playa Huanacaxtle, Terralta and Los Amores, and Zona Dorada to see what would work best for your needs!

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