Why should I move to Sayulita Mexico?

Sayulita, Calle Delfines
Calle Delfines is the main drag in Sayulita, Mexico, 42 kilometers northwest of Puerto Vallarta.

Sayulita is a small, traditional Mexican fishing village that is nestled on the Pacific Coast of Nayarit. The town has some of the most pristine beaches and spectacular views as it is surrounded by hills and lush greenery.

Sayulita offers a lot to its visitors with amazing restaurants, historic churches, vibrant festivals, and a laid-back lifestyle. It’s no wonder why people are drawn to this picturesque paradise! It’s so charming you will no resist to buy real estate in Sayulita!

If you are into surfing, this place is for you. The waves here are perfect for all levels of surfers, and the beaches are never too crowded. If you’re not a surfer, there’s plenty of other activities to keep you busy. You can go horseback riding, parasailing, fishing, or just relax on the beach.

The town is small enough that you can walk everywhere, people is so friendly you will feel like in home.

Is Sayulita Safe? (2021)

Sayulita is a safe place to live, with little crime. You can walk around at night without any fear! It’s not only secure, but it also offers a sense of belonging and togetherness that you don’t get with any other type of housing.

There are many people who have chosen Sayulita as their home, so you will never feel alone. People say that it is just like being on vacation all the time. The town is growing quickly, but it still retains its small-town charm. So if you are looking for a place to slow down and relax, Sayulita is the perfect choice. Come and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

How to fly to fly to Sayulita?

Sayulita doesnt have their own airport. You must flight to Puerto Vallarta which is the closest city. Distance between sayulita and Puerto Vallarta is only around 50 kilometers. The recomendation is take an Uber or try to set your transportation before with a transfer company or with your hotel if is possible.

There are many different airlines that fly into Puerto Vallarta. You can find flights from all over the world, specially from the USA and Canada.

Is it a good place to live (or visit)?

Sayulita is a small town on the Pacific coast of Mexico which has long been an artists’ colony and surfers paradise. It has a reputation as one of the most beautiful, peaceful and safest places in all of Mexico. It’s also know for its great food and friendly people.

The town itself is very compact with just two main streets running parallel to each other up from the beachfront through the center of town to the bus station at sayulita’s northern entrance.

If you want to live or just stay a short period, doesnt matter. Sayulita is a good option to spend a good time.

Can I buy real estate in Sayulita?

Yes you can, the price of sayulita real estate will depend on what kind of house or apartment you want to buy. If you are thinking buy a house or a condo there is a few options, properties in Sayulita are not cheap but the ROI is pretty strong because the rent market is demanded.

The process for foreigners is not simple, but if you find your Mexico Real Estate Expert you will be in good hands. Contact me or one of our agents to get access to the MLS and start to find your ideal investment.

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