Surgery In Puerto Vallarta

Surgery in Puerto Vallarta

Sharing my experience having elective surgery here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Hopefully you find some useful information.

Living and working as a Real Estate agent in Puerto Vallarta, many people asked me what clinics/hospitals and Doctors are like in Mexico. What if I get sick? Would I need to go back to the USA or Canada? Do they have medical insurance in Mexico?

About three weeks ago I had hernia repair surgery. I thought I would share my experiences, so others could get to hear my experience and answer some of their questions.

Once I discovered the hernia I visited a local doctor in my neighborhood, who suggested I go for an ultrasound. The cost to see the local doctor in my neighborhood is 100 pesos or less than $5, a follow up visit is $20 pesos - less than $1! (yes, you read that right). I went for an ultrasound at the clinic, the facility is extremely modern and the Dr. was very professional.

The cost of the ultrasound was 700 pesos or $32 US. I also went for a full panel blood work which cost the equivalent of $32. My local doctor suggested I see a specialist. I went to see a surgeon specialist at a local private clinic - Cost of consultation with surgeon -$32. The Doctor was extremely professional and he confirmed I had a hernia and recommended laparoscopic surgery. We scheduled the surgery for a week later. Due to COVID-19 they required all patients having surgery to go for a CT scan to make sure you’re Covid free. This was a very easy process and the CT scan cost the equivalent of $71. I also had to see a cardiologist to evaluate my heart before surgery - cost $55.

Just a side note the private clinic that I went to does not take Covid patients, this particular clinic (SanMare) has another hospital (San Javier) across the street, where they do except Covid patients. Before entering the hospital there is a separate area where they do a thorough check and examination of all people entering the building, to check for Covid-19. My CT scan was approved and I was cleared for surgery.

On the day of the surgery I checked into a private room in the hospital, which was in many ways as good as a nice hotel room, private shower, sofa, recliner, big screen TV. All the hospital staff were extremely helpful and accommodating. Thankfully the surgery went well, I did end up spending the night there for observation. I was very comfortable in my own room. After the doctor came to see me the next morning I was discharged an hour later.

Full disclosure: I do have medical insurance here in Mexico. The cost for this plan is around US$1200 per year, this coverage is global so can be used anywhere in the world when traveling, except the USA. A rider to this policy is available if I choose to spend time in the USA. My coverage does include COVID-19, however, the rider for travel to the USA does not include COVID-19 coverage.

The total cost of my surgery including the overnight stay in hospital was USD $5,254. This amount was fully covered by my medical insurance, except I did have to pay a $1,000 deductible, but the cost of the bloodwork, CT scan, prior Dr. visits, and ultrasound costs that I had already paid were refunded to me.

Fortunately I have, mostly, recovered from my surgery. Hopefully this information is helpful to anybody considering moving to Mexico and is curious to know what it is like to have surgery here.
Feel free to reach out if you have any other specific questions. There is a great resource here in Puerto Vallarta. Her name is Pam Thompson, she is a medical coordinator, who I worked with, Pam was great at setting up all the necessary appointments for me, all I had to do was show up to the appointment. I’m happy to share her information to anyone who is interested in contacting her for more information.

Kevin Leah

Kevin Leah is a real estate agent for Ryan Donner & Associates. He has many years experience in Interior Design, living in Puerto Vallarta, and selling real estate. Contact Kevin for more information about his experience having surgery or about buying real estate in Mexico.

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