All About Property Tax In Mexico

Updated in January 2024

If you own a property in Mexico, you must pay an annual property tax called “Predial” to the Municipality.

tax in mexicoTax Overview

The Federal Government collects the foremost citizens’ contributions along with the estates and allocates the budget yearly. Mexican law established that The Ministry of the Treasure delivers a budget plan before September 8 to the Federal Congress.

Federal Congress review, discuss, and approves this initiative every year before November 15.  This budget distributes public resources with equity along with the country.

Public services such as security, social support programs, health, education, electricity, highways and other infrastructure, and support activities for communities due to natural disasters are a federal responsibility.

Chapter 33 of the Federal budget relocated resources to the estates and municipalities designed to improve citizens’ social development.

There are a few taxes that the municipalities collect directly and stay in the city: Predial water taxes, and fees for city hall services such as water, security, sewer, streets, rural electrification, and basic infrastructure in education and health, feeding stations, municipal cemetery, garbage collection, parks maintenance, and other social activities.

Municipality also, keep the resources for services fees, which are  known as “ Pago de derechos” and are super low fees.


Property taxes in Mexico are meager.  Tax is calculated at a fraction of the properties’ worth an other factors as the size, location, etc. Predial is due every January.

How to pay predial

Banderas Bay is located along with Jalisco and Nayarit territories. Keep that in mind.

Wherever you pay, you will need the account number attached to your property. This number is in your previous years’ taxes bills.  When you buy a property, you will receive a file of documents at the closing in the notary’s office. This file has to include previous bills and the current bill already paid.

Puerto Vallarta

Municipality Treasure is called “Tesorería” is located in Calle Mezquital 604, Col. Los Portales. Phone number (322) 178 8000 Ext. 1217. Unfortunately, there is no bilingual staff. It is a matter of luck.

In the case of Puerto Vallarta, in 2024, prompt payment promotions started in January with a 15% discount, 10% in February and 5% in March.

To pay online, go to

real estate

Riviera Nayarit (from Nuevo Vallarta to Lo de Marcos)

There are several offices, depending on the location of your property in Banderas Bay. Here some of them:

Bucerías: Héroe de Nacozari # 59 esquina con Huanacaxtle.

Nuevo Vallarta: Paseo de los cocoteros #55, centro empresarial.

Valle de Banderas: Morelos #12. 

Mezcales: av. México #342, col. 13 de septiembre.

Sayulita: av. Revolución esquina Manuel m. Plascencia.

For further information, you can call (329)-29-1-1870 ext. 200 or send an email at

Discounts for prompt payment for 2024 are 15% in January; 10% in February; 5% in March. In addition, a 50% discount will be applied to the payment of the aforementioned tax to Mexican retirees and/or pensioners, widowed women, and adults aged 60 or over.

tax in mexicoTips

  • Offices are usually open from 9:00 to 3:00pm.
  • Review the information regarding your name, the deed on the website before paying.
  • Remember to pay in during the first trimester of the year to take advantage of the discounts provided.
  • It is easier to pay online, although it must be from a Mexican bank.
  • Be sure to have your predial account number in hand before paying online or at Tesorería.
  • Many citizens speak English in Banderas Bay, but it is not a Tesorería official service.
  • Keep your annual Predial bills. In the case you decide to sell your property, you will need at least the last one.

As you can see, property tax payment is effortless in Mexico. And rates at Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay are super low compared to United States, Canada, or even other cities in Mexico.

If you are thinking of an investment in Mexico, don’t hesitate to look at our properties on sale in Banderas Bay. One of Donner & Associates will be pleased to advise you.