Typical Mexican Cuisine in Puerto Vallarta

Mexican cuisine is a blend of pre-Hispanic and Spanish cuisine. Every estate has a particular flavor with the chilis, herbs, and spices of each region due to its specific indigene community, clime, geography, etc.

The North of Mexico is well-known for its fine beef production; the south for achiote, a typical seasoning; Oaxaca for mole, a Mexican gravy for chicken; central Mexico for roasted pork and pozole, a pork soup with corn and Chile; and in beach cities fresh fish and seafood spice dishes, raw, or roasted in a very special seasoning.

Puerto Vallarta offers a variety of national specialties and flavors of Mexican cuisine.

Merida Grill

Merida is the capital of Yucatan state, in the south of Mexico. Yucatecan cuisine is one of the most popular in Mexico. Merida Grill cuisine combines ancient creative cooking techniques with pork, black beans, corn, habanero, the hottest chili pepper in Mexico.

Located in the Romantic Zone, you will find Merida Grill, a fine, very nicely decorated restaurant with live music that offers the best dishes of southern Mexico. Pibil means a hole in the ground in the Mayan language. The hole is lined with stones and wood on the fire.

Achiote is a seed for a bush, mixed with other ingredients like bitter orange, for made the most typical Mayan sauce. Sopa de Lima is a chicken soup with a lime twist for the region;

Cochinita Pibil is one of the most delicious and popular Mayan specialties; it is pork with a pre-Hispanic sauce. It is based on a condiment known as achiote, orange, tortillas, red onion, and habanero chili pepper.

Panuchos and Salbutes are a tortilla basis with refried black beans topped with chicken or turkey, tomato, avocado, pickled red onions, and habanero; Tamales are made from corn meal, stuffed with pork, chicken, or other ingredients, wrapped in banana leaves and cooked.

No way José

In the heart of Old Town is this Mexican restaurant. Many consider this place the best Mexican food restaurant in Puerto Vallarta. They have Mexican music, a familiar atmosphere, and is a culinary journey through Mexican cuisine.

Chile en Nogada is a Mexican delicacy created for the Augustinian nuns of The Santa Monica convent in Puebla, center Mexico State, in 1821, as one way to Spanish independence celebration. The original recipe is a hot pepper stuffing with dry fruits and a white nut sauce with pomegranate on the top, green, white and red, like the Mexican flag.

Mole is coming from milli, which means sauce in the Nahuatl language. Don’t miss the chance to try mole poblano, another dish typical from Puebla state; try this delicious chicken with a red-brown sauce based on chili peppers, chocolate, almonds, cinnamon, cloves, and pumpkin seeds and close to 20 more ingredients.

Other specialties cooked with Mexican ingredients like chipotle chill, tequila, huitlacoche, corn truffle.

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Casa Tradicional

Located in downtown, this colorful and Mexican decorated restaurant offers a wide range of typical Mexican dishes, like Metate, a mortar, a ground stone tool for processing grain and seeds. Metate has the house specialty dish with Cochinita pibil, carnitas, fried pork with Mexican species, and barbacoa, which is lamb meat wrapped in maguey leaves, and cooked very slowly in a special oven under the ground.

This place also offers Mexican-style seafood, enchiladas, mole, and other recipes from the south.


Located at North Hotel Zone, Icú means corn in Huichol language; Chefs are from Puerto Vallarta, and mixed traditional Mexican recipes with contemporary techniques make dishes a signature cuisine experience. Try the 5 or 9-course menu of seafood, pork, beef cooked in a very unique Mexican way. The restaurant has a delicate and extensive wine cellar and original cocktails.

Sonora Prime

Located in La Marina, this is a trendy restaurant chain, with various high-quality steak and seafood options, with a Mexican cuisine touch.

Escamoles, an ancient Mexican tradition escamoles are ant larvae, a tradition from Aztec civilization harvested from maguey plants, are prevalent and challenging to find in Mexico.
Regarding seafood, this chain is sustainable, respects all the regulations for the conservation of sea fauna; and at the same time supports local and Mexican fishing communities.
Staff will advise you about choosing the perfect wine for the steak you choose. The atmosphere is cheerful and invites us to stay for a few drinks after dinner.

Regarding seafood, this chain is sustainable, respects all the regulations for the conservation of sea fauna; and at the same time supports local and Mexican fishing communities.

Staff will advise you about choosing the perfect wine for the steak you choose.


Porfirio´s is a Mexican gourmet chain. You will find classic Mexican recipes and street food, cooking in a unique style. The atmosphere invites you to stay and try their specialty cocktails and fine Mexican ingredients. One specialty is fried squid with an original sauce of 5 different chili peppers.

Hacienda San Angel

This is a beautiful Mexican colonial and antique-style hotel boutique, nestled in the hills of downtown, with a stunning view of the cobblestone streets, red rood titles, and the Pacific Ocean. This property was a Valentine´s day gift from actor Richard Burton's wife.

This charming restaurant offers brunch in the high season and dinner with live mariachi music. This international cuisine restaurant has a small fine Mexican specialties selection.

The Mexican black bean and poblano soup is a must, also the stuffed poblano pepper with shrimp in a chipotle pepper sauce, Pastor shrimp brochette is a typical Mexican sauce. Another specialty is smoked cheese with pasilla pepper and agave honey.

La Chata

Located on the second floor in the iconic Puerto Vallarta Malecón, this Mexican place has a beautiful ocean and Malecón view.

In 1942 a Guadalajara housewife started cooking traditional Mexican food in her garage for the neighborhood. This lady became very successful, and nowadays, there are several branches in Guadalajara as well.

In this restaurant, you will find traditional Mexican food like enchiladas, tortillas stuffed with chicken with a pepper sauce with lettuce, and fresh cream and cheese as a topping; tacos or sopes, which are corn tortilla with some Mexican steak, chicken, mushrooms, or other Mexican stuff on the top, and pozole, special pork and corn soup in the very original Jalisco style.