Rainy Season: Weather Puerto Vallarta

Cloud sunset puerto vallarta

The weather in Jalisco can change drastically from region to region. Some areas are known for warm weather and sunny skies year-round, while others endure long rainy seasons. The weather in Puerto Vallarta is amazing for the major part of the year.

If you are planning a trip to the area. In that case, it’s important to arm yourself with some knowledge of what weather conditions might be like during your stay so that you can make the most out of your time there.

Puerto Vallarta weather is good, even in the rainy season. Don’t let weather conditions deter you from visiting Puerto Vallarta. If it’s the rainy season during your trip, always be prepared by packing weather-appropriate clothing and a pocket umbrella. 

Also, here you can find our recommendations and things you should have in count:

When is the rainy season?

The rainy season usually runs from June through October. It is the most common to have sunny days with rainfall short episodes in the afternoon and is more often to have storms during the night.

The hurricane season is generally from May to November, it is important to take into consideration that Puerto Vallarta is geographically protected by the Sierra Madre Mountains, and these natural phenomena historically just pass through the ocean, if you want to learn more about hurricane season, you can check our article Hurricanes.

Duration of the rain

In general, in the rainy season, storms occur at night. During the day, usually, there are short episodes of pouring rain that don´t last more than 20 minutes and are followed by very light rain for a little while. 

When a tropical storm or hurricane is being formed very close to Puerto Vallarta, it can rain most of the day, but it is very uncommon. The weather in Puerto Vallarta during the rainy is mostly amazing but on some days you will find clouds and rain all day.

Rainy Season Pack

The temperature during the rainy season is around 32 °C, so there is no need to bring a raincoat or other items for the rain. 

A pocket umbrella and a water-repellent cover for your cell phone and personal items will be enough.

 If you like to walk through the marvelous cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta downtown, Tennis or hiking shoes would be very useful. Slippers or sandals will work fine. Avoid suede or any other material susceptible to water.

Floating streets/Transportation limitation

When it rains a lot, some streets, during the rainy season, flood, traffic jams, public transport, and uber get very busy and increase the regular price considerably. 

So, if you have plans for an early dinner, take this into consideration. Choose a place near your hotel or Airbnb to avoid floating streets or waiting long periods for transportation.

After 30 minutes, everything will probably be back to normal due to the downward streets, the floods take minutes to disappear. 

See every day the weather forecast.

We recommend consulting the forecast every day before leaving the hotel, so you can take precautions.

Also is essential to follow authorities’ recommendations regarding the ocean conditions. Although usually, there are lifeguards on the most visited beaches, there is a color flag beach warning system that shows the potential risk according to the weather condition. So, check the risk condition before getting into the ocean. Check the Facebook of Proteccion Civil (Civil Protection) they announce everything there.

Green Flag: Water conditions are safe for swimming.

Yellow Flag: Use caution while swimming.

Red Flag: Dangerous conditions.

Black Flag: This is the highest warning level. Do not swim.

Avoid using the pool during rain; the risk of falls for the wet decks or superficies increases. In addition, lightings behavior is random, so it is not recommended to stay out of open waters during a storm.

Enjoy Puerto Vallarta any time of the year.

The rainy season in Puerto Vallarta does not complicate or interfere with vacation activities. You can still get a fabulous tan by chilling at the beach; hike and practice other extreme sports in the mountains; go boating, sea kayaking, windsurfing, or ride a jet ski.

Puerto Vallarta during the rainy season is much cheaper than the rest of the year. You will find special prices and discounts in hotels, tours, restaurants, and bars. The city and the beach are less crowded than during the high season and mainly allow visitors to admire amazing tropical vegetation in the city and a great green across the Sierra Madre Mountains in contrast to blue skies and turquoise ocean in this unique time of the year.