Golfing in Puerto Vallarta

Golf is an enjoyable sport for people of all ages, offering a peaceful venue for both companionship and competition.

Golf is an enjoyable sport

The sport is good exercise and a great way to appreciate a natural setting with the people you enjoy spending time with most. 

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Golf also has the advantage of being a sport that you can play your entire life, providing the opportunity to play different courses and enjoy a wide range of natural environments. The sport can be played individually or in pairs, golf is often played in groups of three or four people. 

Many golfers enjoy friendly competitions with their playing partners, which is a great way to make the sport even more exciting. Golf can have many benefits in your life like: Golf can reduce anxiety and increase self-confidence, and also increase health because golfers walk between shots

There are lots of choices for how to play golf and many venues will loan or hire the equipment you need to get started.  If you have friends that already play, ask them to take you along and introduce you to the sport.  If you don’t know anyone that plays, you can simply approach any local golf facility where you will receive a warm welcome and all the advice and support you need to get started.

If you visiting or you live in Puerto Vallarta and you enjoy golfing, here is a list of the top-rated golf courses in the Puerto Vallarta area.

  • The Greg Norman Signature Course at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta
  • Vista Vallarta Golf Club The Nicklaus Course
  • Vista Vallarta Golf Club The Weiskopf Course
  • El Tigre Club de Golf
  • Marina Vallarta Club de Golf
  • The Nicklaus Design at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta

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