Marina Vallarta: A Life Experience

Marina Vallarta is a beautiful place to live. It has many great things to offer, including restaurants, stores, and the ocean. The community is very friendly and safe with lots to offer for families, couples, or singles.

Marina Vallarta

Living in Marina Vallarta

I have lived in Marina Vallarta for a few years, and it is a great place to live. It is close to the ocean, the beach, and lots of boats to look at. The community is safe and welcoming, and there are lots of positives that make living in Marina Vallarta a great decision.


There are also many amazing restaurants, with lots of different types of food. This includes Mexican food, steakhouses, Argentinian, Sushi, American-style diners, fun bars, and Italian cuisine. They are reasonably priced and there is a variety of high-quality options to choose from.

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“The Marina is in the heart of Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, it has one of the most spectacular views of the city, you can see the bay area which has docks for more than 350 boats, with 2.5 km of beach, an 18-hole golf course, and a few small shopping centers.”

Amazing Community

The Marina is a great community with lots of people who moved here from the U.S.A and Canada. There is also the American School located in the Marina which is a bilingual private school, so it is convenient for families with school-aged children. Marina Vallarta is a safe community to live in with lots of great restaurants, stores, people, the ocean, and the beautiful beach. I love living here and I highly recommend it to others!

It is clear that Marina Vallarta has a lot to offer in terms of community, restaurants, and living. If you are considering moving here or want more information about what life would be like in this area please email us at so we can help answer any questions!

Tanner Thompson

Real Estate Expert

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