Viva Mexico! Independence Day

mexico independence

Mexican conquest and colonization

Spanish conquers vanished the Aztec empire, and spiritual and ideological conquest of Indian Mexico began.

Conquer Hernan Cortés arrived to South Mexico Yucatán  in 1519. This territory, known as “The New Spain,” was under the sovereignty of the Spanish Catholic monarchy and established a viceroyalty.

The colonial period started in 1521. Spanish king Carlos V took political, economic, and social control in the new territory.

In 1523 king sent Franciscan missionaries to introduce Indians to Cristian doctrine and primary education. Children were taught Spanish, to read and write, arts, and European music. Adults were trained in agriculture practices, masonry, ironwork, ceramics, and other occupations.

As a natural consequence, a new society emerged due to the Spanish moving to Mexico, Spanish born in Mexican territory, a mix of Spanish and Mexicans called mestizos, and the original indigenes. However, they live under inequity conditions and have no rights under the New Spanish regime.

The most vulnerable population were the indigenes who were discriminated against and treated without rights on property or justice, with meager incomes.

While the royalty gave to landlords of Spanish aristocracy the lands and the authority to treat indigenes like slaves. They were smalls kingdoms all over the country.

The outbreak of the Mexican independence war

After almost 300 years of people’s oppression and inspired on independence movements in the 18th century in France and the United States, Indians, mestizos, and criollos were tired of living in inequity conditions versus the Spanish royalty.

Miguel Hidalgo was a catholic priest born in Guanajuato, Mexico, in 1753. 

On September 16, 1810, he encouraged the people of his parish to start a rebellion against inequity and the redistribution of land.

He played a vital role in the independence of Mexico and is known as the father of Mexican independence.

The independence aims to pursue three goals: independence from Spain, equality for Spaniards and creoles, and allowing religions besides Catholicism.

Finally, in 1821 the war ended; Agustín de Iturbide was named constitutional emperor of Mexico. However, it was until 1824 that Mexico had the first elected president. Guadalupe Victoria was the first elected president in Mexico’s history.

Mexico’s Central Bank, Banco de Mexico, honors country history heroes like Father Hidalgo by issuing bills and coins with their images. Hidalgo image is in $20.00, $50.00 and $1,000.00 pesos current bills.

There is widespread confusion between Independence Day and May 5, which is the anniversary of a battle in the state of Puebla against the French army in another episode of Mexican History.

mexico independenceEl Grito de Independencia

Every September 15 at 11:00pm. The president of Mexico honors the legacy of Father Hidalgo and other national independence heroes, with a performance from the balcony in the National Palace, ringing the original bell and praises Viva Mexico! and Viva the heroes of independence!

Viva is an expression such as long life to Mexico and our independence heroes.

People are outside Palacio Nacional, waiting for the Grito ceremony and fireworks, enjoying food and beverages.

If you can visit Mexico City, visit The National Palace. Inside Miguel Hidalgo is in a wall painting by the recognized Mexican artist José Clemente Orozco.

This performance replicates in every government palace along with the country in every state and municipality.

Also, Mexicans get together all over the world to honor Independence Day in Mexican Embassy and consulates.

There is a traditional Mexican cuisine for Independence Day, pozole, chiles en Nogada. To know more about the history of this Mexican delicatessen, click here.

Come join us to celebrate El Grito in Puerto Vallarta!

Although Jalisco Governor canceled this year’s traditional celebrations due to Covid-19. Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, and Nightclubs will have parties to celebrate this important day in Mexico, of course following health protocols and currently maximum capacity allowed.

These Fiestas Mexicanas are usually nights enlivened with mariachi, and Mexican folklore dance performances, delicious meals for the occasion, and of course, tequila is a must in this celebration.

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