Did you know that the first LGBTQ adoption took place in Jalisco in July?

Since 1956, LGBTQ parents have long come together struggle to the broader rights LGBTQ rights movement regarding activism for the rights of LGBTQ parenthood.

1968 Bill Janes became the first single father to adopt a child in California. During the adoption process, he was advised by the social worker to hide that he was gay. In 1979 a gay couple became the first couple to adopt a child in the United Estates.

It was until 1997 that New Jersey became the first state to allow same-sex couples to adopt. Florida allowed in 2010, and other states continue to ban LGBTQ couples stopping from adopting until marriage equality became a federal law in 2015.

In 1997, this movement achieved that Newsweek magazine recognizes this movement as “a new generation of gay parents has produced the first-ever ´gayby.boom´”.

During the past decade, opponents of marriage equality argued that childhood needs both a father and a mother for their “right” development in society.

In LATAM, Mexico City made history in 2020, when local congress legislated the latest social reforms that allow same-sex couples under the first law in LATAM that explicitly approves gay marriage.

This significant step only recognized LGBTQ relationships within the right to adoption, secure loans, benefit from parents, insurance policies, and inherit without paying taxes.

Nevertheless, the conservatism approach that prevailed in Mexico regarding LGTBQ community rights. This reform started a transformation process with unprecedented legal recognition of LGBTQ rights.

In 2010, Mexicans Actor Felipe Nájera and Jaime Morales, a theater producer, married Mexico City. Two years after, the couple started the process for adopted Alejandra. This couple submitted the legal process for adoption. The examination result was that they were the best family for her and that the couple was assuming a life commitment.

This family faced discrimination by religious institutions. However, they found out the perfect inclusive and intelligent community in the city and allow Alejandra to have a happy, secure and life full of love and care for her fathers.

In July 2021, Palmira Martínez and Gabriela Flores became the first LGTBQ couple in Jalisco to take the loving action of adopting a 5 old year boy, Ricardo.

This loving couple submitted for formal adoption two years ago. The adoption was finally certified on July 13th, when the birth certificate was issued with the names of both mothers.

Ricardo was under Jalisco government care. After being abandoned in 2015. Palmira and Gabriela were volunteers at the estate shelter, and that’s where they meet. They instantly felt a powerful emotional attachment to Ricardo.

The couple told the media that now Ricardo has a family who will support him and that he came into the world to be happy and full of love. They will always have his back.

Sexual preferences should not interfere with human rights, and gay marriage and form a family, society must accept the fact that parenthood is part of life, of personal development and fulfillment.

On the other hand, this unsubstantial controversy has been distracted divert the fact that childhood also has the human right to aim parenting that brings them love, care, basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing, love, and protection, instead of growing in the harsh and many times dangerous environment of an Estate orphanage.

Marriage equality is currently permitted in 20 of 32 Mexico´s states. Jalisco allows same-sex marriage since 2016.

Puerto Vallarta is a secure city for living. Society is unique; residents are from all over the country and the world, mainly the United States and Canada. As a result, people are open and super friendly, like all multicultural cities.

Imagine changing a life that is just beginning? Surrounded childhood with love, care, and all they need to grow in a paradise-like Puerto Vallarta city.

The city has several modern medical facilities and recognized care professionals. To learn more details about medical care in the city, you can read our article about Medical Tourism in Puerto Vallarta.

The city has a wide range of educational institutions, even at the college level. The American School of Puerto Vallarta is a private, bilingual, and bicultural school for early childhood through grade 12. In a small, secure atmosphere that encompasses both private Mexico quality private schools and the United Estates Standards.

The American School of Puerto Vallarta is accredited by the U.S. Southern Association of Colleagues and Schools. Their graduates are accepted in universities like Brown University in the United States, Queens University in Canada, and Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico.

Tecnológico de Monterrey is an internationally recognized educational institution in Mexico, founded in 1943. The facilities are fantastic, and there is a wide range of degrees since high school, Business school, school of architecture art and design, school of engineering and sciences, school of humanities and education, school of medicine and health science, and school of social sciences and government. Also offers postgraduate degree and international student exchange programs.

Children in a city like Puerto Vallarta have the opportunity to practice sports during the afternoon after school, like swimming, diving, and practice other sports on the beach like volleyball or football soccer. In addition, there are local swim schools that organize competitions, also can do kayaks, paddleboards, or sailboats.

Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by Sierra Madre mountains, is the perfect place for practice hiking enjoying stunning ocean views and the wonders of nature.

There is also a wide range of modern gyms and clubs for tennis lessons, among others.

Weekends can be dedicated to visiting some of the famous closest beaches in Banderas Bay to spend the day and enjoy the fantastic ocean views and relaxing atmosphere surrounding this wonderful place.

Also, can have a wonderful Sunday on a boat trip, enjoying sea fauna like pelicans, stingrays, wild dolphins, and whale watching.

Another wonderful experience with nature is volunteering to protect the turtles' nest from natural depredators and help baby turtles after 45 days to get to the ocean.

There is a zoo (Zoológico de Puerto Vallarta) where your children can admire birds, mammals, reptiles, and other local wildlife.

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