Types of Property Title in Mexico


Ejidal Ejido titles are very simple and usually only consist of one or two pages. This is the only type of title we cannot promote for sale. In order for us to sell this type of property, you will need to escalate your title to Titulo de Propiedad by going through the ejido and CORETT.…

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How Do I Move to Mexico

How to Move to Mexico

How Do I Move to Mexico? Understanding The Basics Mexico is rich in cultural history, and it’s a beautiful place to live. Today, it has a high level of development, and all of the amenities you could expect in your home country, whether you live in America or elsewhere in the English-speaking world. In addition,…

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Ryan’s Real Estate Review: Episode 4

In the latest installment of Ryan’s Real Estate Review, we look at three different pre-construction developments in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. They span from Old Town also known as Zona Romantica to 5 de Diciembre to the Hotel Zone. Avida is located in Old Town and features ADA compliant spaces and condos. CR1275 is located in…

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Ryan’s Real Estate Review: Pier 57

This is a special episode of Ryan’s Real Estate Review. In this episode I interviewed Ariel Grunwald, the developer of Pier 57 and asked him to explain what makes Pier 57 a unique addition to the Puerto Vallarta skyline.

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Ryan’s Real Estate Review: Episode 3

This is the third episode of Ryan’s Real Estate Review! People always ask me about the investment opportunities in Puerto Vallarta, so in this episode we feature three investment properties! These range from a small affordable building near the cruise terminal to a massive multi-unit building near Plaza Caracol. Be sure to subscribe for updates…

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200 artisans will exhibit their creations in Puerto Vallarta

From the 2nd to the 19th of February, more than 200 artisans from 20 states, as well as from the invited countries: Ecuador, Peru, Turkey and Colombia, will hold the tenth National Meeting of Artisans. The national participants are from Oaxaca, Chiapas, Michoacán, Yucatan, San Luis Potosí, Guanajuato, State of Mexico, Nayarit and Jalisco who…

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