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In these times of economic turbulence, you can choose profitable investment solutions. Historically, the real estate industry has always been an investment insurance. However, there are properties that have a much higher return on investment: beach properties. These are the five factors that have most influenced the consolidation of this niche.

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1- Limited offer. One of the characteristics that distinguishes a beach property from other real estate is the fact that the amount of land that exists is in front of it: less than 1% of the total area of ​​the country is facing the sea. For example, in Cancun areas for the construction of new residential developments have been completed and the same is happening in the Riviera Maya and Puerto Vallarta, whose growth gave life to the Riviera Nayarit. This phenomenon, which follows the behavior of supply and demand, has allowed these assets to gain value quickly, because the smaller the supply, the higher the price. Even in these times, the prices of Mexican properties in front or near the sea are extremely accessible compared to places like Florida (Miami) or California, but it is possible that in some years they will be comparable.

2- Strategic location. Mexico has a privileged geographic location. Virtually all beach destinations have 12 months of good weather per year. In addition, Mexico is between 2 and 5 hours from the main cities of the United States and includes the point of view of the most important countries in the country.
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4- Dollarized market The profitability of properties of all kinds in tourist destinations is excellent, since the Mexican property market is one of the most “dollarized” markets in the country, which guarantees that its properties do not lose value with fluctuations in the exchange rate and results in a much shorter return on investment compared to other types of investments.

5-First level services. Mexico has an immense variety of amenities: wonderful as the Mayan, Aztec and Olmec vestiges; tourism infrastructure that offers modern airports, shopping areas, gastronomic centers and world-class entertainment; hundreds of highly competitive golf courses with breathtaking views; great natural beauties such as beautiful beaches and blue waters, and water activities of all kinds

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All these reasons have contributed to the Mexican real estate market in beach destinations becoming one of the best investment options in the world, come whit us. we will always be willing to present you with the best investment options in our country.


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