Residential properties within commercial zones in Puerto Vallarta

Finding everything you need without leaving the city, but even better, just a few minutes from your own residence, is without a doubt, the most pleasant and comfortable way to live.

Thanks to its shopping centers, Puerto Vallarta offers this colossal advantage for all those who reside here or are visiting temporarily.

In this article we'll talk about the city's shopping centers, their most striking qualities and the areas that surround them. Where you can surely find magnificent residences, that you can rent quickly.

With this in mind, we introduce you two of the largest and most important shopping malls in the city: Galerías Vallarta and Plaza Caracol.

Galerías Vallarta

With its spectacular location, right in front of the port area, it has the best view out of all other shopping malls in Puerto Vallarta. It's artistic facade welcomes all arriving commercial and private facilities. Just by entering its doors, you'll feel like being in another world.

In Galerías Vallarta you'll find the most important department store, not only with all it offers, but in the city itself; Liverpool. On the other hand, you can also find a huge cinema, other local businesses aside a combination of national and international boutiques, featuring some of the most known brands like: Lacoste, Levi's, Quiksilver, Guayaberass and more.

In addition to that, on the ground floor you'll find small restaurants such as; Maricos El Memin, Chili's and last, but not less, Sirlon Stockade which offers one of the best and most complete buffets in the city, specializing in cuts of meat.

As if this weren't enough, right up on the second floor just in front of the main entrance, you can enjoy your favorite Starbucks coffee or go to their food court; a series of fast food restaurants, with a huge window area facing the sea, which makes Galerías Vallarta a perfect option to enjoy the sunsets in the city.

Around this commercial center are surrounding neighborhood; Education, Los Portales, Jardines del Puerto, La Aurora, Villas del Sol and Palmar de Aramara. Click here if you want to see the residential properties in this particular area. Also, a few minutes away, in a northeast direction and near the city's airport, is Marina Vallarta, where you can find another well-known and characteristic commercial plaza of this city. Plaza Neptuno is one of the old malls in Puerto Vallarta, unlike Galerías which is relatively new in comparison.

Characterized by its iconic sculpture of Neptune standing over the entrance of the enclosure, this shopping plaza offers a wide variety of options to enjoy delicious food and desserts, as well as different clothing stores and other amenities. This Plaza has one iconic feature of being outdoors and basically distributed along the boardwalk of the beautiful and artistic landscapes. All created by a blend of buildings with traditional architecture and the reflections of the boast on the water with a splendid sunset in the background.
Click here if you want to see all the residential options waiting for you around this wonderful and exclusive area.

Plaza Caracol

Built November 25, 1988, Plaza Caracol is one of the most traditional sites in the city. Being the most established with the longest history comparing all the shopping malls in Bahía de Banderas, it has the largest number of stores to choose from. It's much more than just a shopping center. it's part of the identity of Puerto Vallarta. Where you'll find everything you may need. It's even pet friendly!

Featuring department store where you'll find all kinds of technology, electronics, furniture, clothing and more. Including banks, a fully stocked supermarket, state-of-the-art-gyms, opticians, qualified dentists, beauty salons. Even your entertainment won't be missing, thanks to the movie theater located on the second floor of this complex, where you'll also find fast food restaurants and much more.

Surely, whatever you're looking for, you'll find it in this huge plaza. Not to mention, it was also established in an extremely favorable location. Due to the large number of neighborhoods around it and its relative closeness with downtown, it's extremely convenient only minutes to get to by car.

The surrounding colonies to this shopping mall are; Marbella, Días Ordaz, Fluvial Vallarta, Las Glorias y Las Gaviotas. Click here if you want to see all residential properties listed in the zone.
Hotel Zone is also located in the vicinity of Plaza Caracol but another complex was inaugurated since December 2016; La Isla Puerto Vallarta shopping village. Because of that reason, we didn't include this zone into the surroundings listed prior.

This relatively new shopping village also has the feature of being outdoors. All the businesses have AC for your comfort, but unlike the other places mentioned above, with the exception of Plaza Neptuno, here you'll enjoy the tropical weather, characteristic of the city. While you enjoy the stylish and sophisticated design of the architecture of this plaza, you'll surely be comfortable.

Concernig other businesses that you'll find in this shopping center, there will be an assortment of; fashion and accessories stores, ice cream parlors, a restaurant called Vips (highly recommended for breakfast) as well as a Starbucks, ready to offer you the sweet taste of your favorite coffee. As you can imagine, the list goes on but one of the main attractions of this village is Cinepolis VIP; the most comfortable and luxurious movie theater in the city. You cannot miss the opportunity of visiting La Isla even in company of your beloved pets. Oh, did we forget to mention it? It is also pet friendly.

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Whether in a luxurious, or a quiet and peaceful environment, you'll have a memorable shopping experience. All these shopping centers have a unique variety of stores and options for your entertainment, where you can relax while purchasing items, or simple provisions, that you may need while staying here in Puerto Vallarta. You'll surely enjoy a pleasurable experience when visiting any of them. Yet, much more important that that, all these facilities will considerably increase the value appreciation of any property you wish to acquire in the respective areas.

Don't miss out on the perfect opportunity to invest in a splendid future. We hope you've found this article useful and interesting! Do not forget to visit the other articles that are waiting for you here on our blog.