Joanna Ioli

Joanna Ioli


Oh, The Marina?

When I think of the Marina, I think of boats, fishing, and golfing BUT there is so much more to this little niche area. It is located just 5 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, and it is just 15 minutes to downtown. The Puerto Vallarta Marina has a ton to offer. If you love the beach, we have beautiful condos right on the water so you can soak up the sun in the sand. If you love yachts and boats, there are condos and villas that circle around the whole Marina. And if you love golfing, you will find an 18-hole golf course that was designed by Joe Finger and the most upscale, luxury homes on the golf course. But what else is there to do, you ask? This exclusive marina has a boardwalk that has boutique stores and yummy restaurants all along having views of the mountains and the water. If you want nightlife, well they have nightclubs as well for those late nights of music and dancing. All of these fabulous things to do are right within walking distance. No need for a car (but maybe a golf cart). Whether you are retiring or just want a vacation home, investing in real estate here in the Marina will not disappoint. So, if fishing, golfing, shopping, and eating are your thing, then the Marina Vallarta is the place for you!

ryan donner

Ryan Donner


More than just boats

When I think of the Marina, I instantly think of boats, but did you know that the Marina neighborhood is so much more than that?

One of my favorite breakfast spots is in Marina Vallarta, called Mister Cream. They have great American style breakfast along with a few traditional Mexican dishes as well, so you are likely to find something for everyone.

Marina Vallarta is also a growing neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta. There are several new projects that have been built like V Marina, and V Golf, as well as classic and established condo towers like Tres Mares and Shangri-La.

If you are a boat owner, a golfer or just want a nice quiet neighborhood to live in Marina Vallarta is a fantastic choice.

warren wesley

Warren Wesley Weir


How to Describe Marina Vallarta in just a Few Words

For some of you, “La Marina” is a place to visit and watch as the big cruise ships come in to town . I like watching them, too!

But, on a personal note, La Marina is actually a big part of my history. Being in and out of the city of Puerto Vallarta for many years, La Marina was always a good place for a hotel stay as it is close to the airport. Little did I know I would fall in love with it!

I’ll always remember the first time that I walked along the Marina boardwalk. I was amazed about how many kinds of food I could find, or that I could get a haircut, a manicure, and enjoy a drink within an hour. My real state eyes have always been filled with ideas about all of the potential residential development there, as well as the hotel industry.

My husband used to work in the Marina area for many years, and we LOVED it there! Now in Conchas Chinas, we miss La Marina. We find ourselves returning often - toenjoy healthy food... or to exercise by walking for hours...or stopping at a yoga place. We continue to find new places tucked away in that same good atmosphere that welcomes us back to where we left a part of our hearts.

If you haven’t had the chance yet to go discover the new restaurants in the Marina, new drinks, or to watch the yachts as they return in the evening, or even rent a boat for a day yourself, in my opinion you are missing a big part of the Vallarta experience. Vallarta has something for everyone’s lifestyle. Maybe the Marina will be just right for you!

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any real estate questions, or even on any activities you might be curious about here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.