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Benjamin Molina

Banderas Bay measures 42 kilometers from north to south. The northernmost limit of the bay is at Punta Mita which is the end of the Sierra de Vallejo mountains and, to the south, the bay ends in Cabo Corrientes, part of the foothills of the Sierra del Cuale range.
The bay has been known since the XVI Century when Spanish soldiers, during the expeditions to Lower California, arrived for the first time to find the beauty of a fisher town.

One of the most popular places in Puerto Vallarta, Colonia 5 de diciembre, is Located in the south part of the bay, starting at the ocean and reaching up into the mountains, the area is a combination of new luxury homes and condos and older traditional homes. Due to the topography, many of these homes have spectacular ocean, city and mountain views, “la Capella” Restaurant is a must to experience to have a perfect sense of Vallarta Magic.

The area is well situated with easy access to beaches like “Playa Camarones” and the well known Barracuda Restaurant, a relaxing ocean front restaurant to have a beer and excellent sea food, the Malecón full of shopping, coffee shops, is a perfect opportunity to not to mention one of the best seafood, fresh fruit and vegetable markets in town.

Colonia 5 de diciembre combines the feel of old world Mexico with all the conveniences needed to live a very comfortable life. And because of the blend of people here - a large majority living here full time - it truly feels like a neighborhood more than just a tourist destination.

5 de Diciembre is the real deal....a small, multicultural community of families dating back for generations.  The warm people of this neighborhood will tell you stories about when Vallarta was young.  How the children had free-run of the beaches.  How the ment got around town with a horse drawn cart. You'll hear these stories as Great Grandma does her part by separating out the small stones from the beans as she keeps an eye on the newborn....because they all live in the same small house that has been in the family for many generations.  Many make their living at the Market place where you can find freshly made tortillas, fruits and veggies, a Wonderful fish market, small general stores, family owned restaurants, etc. Others "travel" to their work - perhaps as a Waiter at a fine restaurant, or a Hotel employee.  And what is really fascinating is the street art.....where you will find the side of a random building painted in bright colors depicting something near and dear to the artist's heart. Or a man, dressed in his Mariachi outfit, rushing to catch the bus to meet up with the rest to perform somewhere.  These artists, families, vendors - are all VERY friendly and welcoming to folks from far away lands.  These families are people comfortable in their own skin - who feel proud to be greeted by the foreigners..  Sure Old Town is fun - but 5 de Diciembre has a Magic that is truly Mexico.

Colonia 5 de Diciembre is located just north of the Cuale River next to bustling Old Town. Flanked by beautiful beaches on one side and spectacular mountains on the other side. The elevated topography of the area offers some of the best views of Banderas Bay. Here you will find trendy art galleries, coffee shops, bars and restaurants along the Malecon, as well as authentic Mexican restaurants, some of the best in town.

While Old Town has a much more developed feel, 5 de Diciembre still offers a truly authentic Mexican feel, with great local restaurants and hangout spots. The locals who live in the area have lived here for many generations, they are all very welcoming and happy to include foreigners and visitors into their charming neighborhood.

5 de Diciembre really offers the best of all worlds, with its proximity to all the action from the famous Malecon, the best beaches, restaurants and bars and easy access to Old Town, makes this one of the most popular areas in town.

There are many great property options in 5 de Diciembre, from contemporary new developments high up on the hills with spectacular views and modern finishes, to traditional homes that make Mexico living feel truly authentic. 5 de Diciembre has many great options to suit everyone's budget and style.

I like 5 de Diciembre. The colors, the smells, the hills, the art and the people!
It’s the end of the Malecón and the beginning of a plethora of Restaurants, Hotels, clubs, theaters  and art.
The fun begins right past Park Hildago and The Rosita Hotel, one of the oldest in Vallarta and right on the Malecón.
Don’t miss The Spanish Experience  Center on República de Chile. It’s a charming little international hub and language school. Down the road is La Tradicional , a fabulous, established savory treat filled restaurant. Red Snapper fried in a crispy wrap is a specialty and a delight.
There is no shortage of Condo Development in this Colonia but these gems are smaller and more elegant than those in the Romantic Zone. Don’t miss 1275 Costa Rica, a crown jewel for new hip living near the ocean.
Art is everywhere and shopping is fabulous in 5 de Diciembre. Tlaquepaque on Avenida Mexico is filled from top to bottom with prizes that are made in Mexico.
Come to 5 de Diciembre, it will not disappoint!

5 de Diciembre is representative of what real life in Puerto Vallarta is like. I believe that it is the next logical place for development; as Zona Romantica has become increasingly crowded and built-up, and Versalles saw an increase in construction in the beginning of 2018, the only next logical place to grow is 5 de Diciembre. Now is the perfect time to buy while the market is still affordable, once construction begins and more people discover this gem prices will rise.

Our Favorite Neighborhood Attractions

Parish Lady of Refuge

5 de Diciembre Municipal Market

Los Mangos Beach

Ley Super Market

5 de Diciembre Cemetery

5 de Diciembre Cemetery