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Gringo Gulch was made famous by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton during filming of The Night of the Iguana. The narrow, cobblestoned streets and beautiful, traditional homes take you back to a time before Puerto Vallarta was not a popular tourist destination. The Gringo Gulch neighborhood has many charming colonial-style villas and houses and a great place to explore Puerto Vallarta's rich history.

Gringo Gulch is a great place to take in the beautiful views of Old Town, the bay, as well as the surrounding mountains and jungle. The Iguana restaurant is one of the best restaurants in town and a great place to treat yourself to a special occasion meal.

Puerto Vallarta is a true love story, one of those that keeps reminding you why you fell in love in the first place. It suffices to just walk around the city, to see the never-ending colors, the always blooming flowers and hear the sound of the ocean to fall in love with the city, just as one did the first time seeing it.

Another reason to love Puerto Vallarta has to do with the variety of neighborhoods or “colonias”, with Gringo Gulch being a prime example of it. Located on the side of the hill, and steps away from the downtown area, Gringo Gulch has it all; from bright colored flowers hanging from balconies, to gorgeous colonial buildings, not to mention excellent restaurants and a touch of Hollywood.
You may ask, why Hollywood? Well, Gringo Gulch is where Casa Kimberly is located, which was gifted to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton, when they were filming “La Noche de la Iguana” in Puerto Vallarta.

Another reason why Gringo Gulch is a highly sought-after location is the proximity to it all, given that places such as the cultural center, theaters, restaurants and stores are just a short walk away; yet, the streets of this colonia are inundated with peace and tranquility. The days in paradise can be easily enjoyed when one can take a stroll along the cobble stones streets in Gringo Gulch, or just walk the short seven minutes to the beautiful Malecon and the Pacific Ocean.

Grinco Gulch affords you the possibility of enjoying it all, the lazy pace of the colonial Vallarta, the romanticism of the blooming flowers, the social activities the city has to offer and the beauty of the Cuale River.