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Colonia Emiliano Zapata also known as Old Town or The Romantic Zone, this vibrant neighborhood is considered by many to be the crown jewel of Puerto Vallarta. Featuring some of the most popular beaches, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Emiliano Zapata is on every visitors must see list while visiting Puerto Vallarta.

The mix of cosmopolitan new developments and traditional cobblestone streets give Old Town a truly international feel. Along with the welcoming local vibrant community, there is a large expat community, who have made Old Town their home. There is also a very large LGBT community in Old Town that offers many choices of bars, beach clubs and nightclubs. Whether you like shopping for art, lying on Los Muertos beach sipping cocktails, or strolling along The Malecon, there is something for everyone in Old Town.

If you enjoy wandering around food markets then you're in for a treat, the oldest Farmers’ Market in town, located at Lazaro Cárdenas Park on Saturdays from 9:30 am to 2 pm during high season. You will find a great selection of artisanal foods from chocolates, fresh cooked food, and bagels to jewelry and crafts.

For those looking to make Puerto Vallarta their home or who are shopping for a vacation home, there are many great options to choose from in The Romantic Zone. There are many new ultra stylish developments with stunning modern finishes and spectacular rooftop pools, that would rival the best resorts in the world. Or if something more traditional is your style, then consider one of the many established developments around Old Town, these offer more traditional Mexcian flair with lots of charm. These condos also usually offer a lot of living space for you money. There is something for everyone's taste in Colonia Emiliano Zapata, The Romantic Zone.

Also known as Old town, Romantic Zone, Olas Altas and some other names, Emiliano Zapata is one of the most popular and complete neighborhoods in the bay.

There are tons of different things to do here; you can go take a swim or get some tan at Olas Altas Beach, you can buy food or souvenirs and/or incredible art at some galleries and markets, or chill and be amazed by its unique colorful mosaic outdoor gallery at Lázaro Cárdenas Park, you can drink a delicious coffee while reading a book at local deli shops like Big Apple & Co., eat a delicious meal at great restaurants like Makal or La Dolce Vita.
This is an authentic Mexican area that literally welcomes visitors day and night, and is as pedestrian friendly as it gets!

This neighborhood still retains its old Mexican charm and culture while developing and enriching it at the same time with new beautiful condos like Loft 268, Avida or Pier 57, which makes a nice combo and a new living style perfect for those who enjoy Mexican folklore and patrimony while having a nice place to live or stay at.

Emiliano Zapata is one of the most vibrant colonias in Puerto Vallarta. Perhaps, the main reason for that is that it is precisely there, where the great majority of bars, restaurants and theaters are located, giving the colonia a constant buzzing with music, laughter and sizzling food.

Emiliano Zapata is more than just a neighborhood; it could very well be considered the heart of Puerto Vallarta. The reason for that, is that within its limits, you can find the Cuale River and its waters rushing all the way down from the Sierra Madre to join the Pacific Ocean, schools, hospitals and commercial centers. All this makes Emiliano Zapata the type of neighborhood that will afford its residents the possibility of satisfying all their needs locally.

From an architectural standpoint, Emiliano Zapata runs from the old, colonial houses, to the modern, glass buildings. This gives the neighborhood a unique look that can only be achieved by combining the old and the new, the locals and the foreigners. Anyone walking around Emiliano Zapata will find themselves experiencing the contrast between taco carts and modern buildings, creating that way a charming and mesmerizing experience.

I was fortunate to call Emiliano Zapata my neighborhood when I first moved to Puerto Vallarta and, I feel all the things this vibrant area has to offer, as well as its proximity to many other neighborhoods, gave me the chance to walk out my door and enjoy several of the reasons why people come here, like watching the sunsets at Los Muertos Pier, enjoying the amazing festivities during el Día de los Muertos on the Malecón, walking around at the Cultural Center and the Cuale Island, among many other attractions.

However, one of the most amazing features about this neighborhood, is that you absolutely don’t need to own a car, since the great majority of the bus lines that will take you anywhere in Puerto Vallarta, or outside of it, either depart from Emiliano Zapata, or connects there.

These are some of the reasons why Emiliano Zapata is, perhaps, one of the most desirable neighborhoods when it comes to looking for a home, since it has to something to offer for everyone’s taste.

Before I moved to Puerto Vallarta in 2012, Emiliano Zapata was the neighborhood I spent all of my time in. It was touristy down by the beach, but charming and mysterious past the Highway 200. When I moved here, Zona Romantica was the neighborhood I knew I had to move into.

Since 2012, the Romantic Zone has done some serious growing up. More restaurants, bars, shops, and of course condos! This neighborhood has become THE must have zip code of Puerto Vallarta.

It has also become the gay mecca for the LGBTQ community when visiting Mexico, and buying real estate in Mexico.

What really makes Emiliano Zapata charming is different types of property. You have older more charming and unique properties like Selva Romantica but you also have brand new modern developments like Soho PV.