Versalles According to...


the “convenient” neighborhood

If you’d like a to have a second Home here in Puerto Vallarta...

  • a property that really feels like a HOME
  • located in a relatively quiet area where you can actually WALK to a variety of places
  • and on a larger scale, in an area that is in the middle of the city making driving/ubering to places also time-efficient....
  • AND one that would also be a great rental property as well???

Well, look NO further.

The Puerto Vallarta neighborhood we call “Versalles”
.... just – might – be – for - you!

Versalles is basically a flat (no hills) residential, multi-cultural neighborhood....with sidewalks....making it a great walking-neighborhood.

So you’re imagining yourself out walking in Versalles. What will you find on your walk?

Restaurants / Bistros / Taco stands .....from “fine dining” Mexico style to down-home places to grab a nice breakfast or lunch. Even side-walk cafés. How about ‘Mariscos 8 Tostadas’ for lunch? YUM!

Fruterías .....providing you with a selection of fresh fruits and veggies – and some offer you very healthy custom made smoothies, too!

Carnicerías .....providing you with fresh meat, poultry...

Fresh Artisan Breads! ....offering you – well – really good BREAD!

Ma and Pop family owned “Abarrotes stores” (Abarotes means “groceries”)
NOTE* ... The introduction of our Oxxo and Kioko convenience stores really hit hard on the Ma and Pop family owned stores. So I always buy from Ma and Pop first....using Oxxo or Kiosko as a back up.

Convenient stores ..... OXXO and Kiosko (like I said - as a back up LOL!)

Manicure/Pedicure ..... less expensive than the salons in Old Town – and offering the same quality.

Doctors’ offices / Hospitals ... NOTE* I have to say that I stand 100% beside the wonderful doctors and hospitals we have here in Vallarta. I’m willing to share about that if you are interested!

Private schools .... If you have a family with children!

And................. if you are willing to cross 2 streets to enter the neighboring colonia called Fluvial – you have COSTCO and LA COMER!

And last but not least: Vet clinics!

So hey, who doesn’t like to get out in the tropical sunshine and walk? ...just long enough to let that Vitamin D soak into your body as you feel grateful you are not in the snow! After your walk, if you find yourself with too much to carry back to your Versalles home – take an uber or taxi.

ONE MORE POINT.....on Rentals. Did you know that MANY Canadians (who don’t own property here) come down to Vallarta to get away from the snow and cold up north? And did you know that if they are in a convenient area of town, in a well-priced rental, they will come back to that same rental EVERY WINTER for YEARS?

That rental could be YOURS!

If you're looking for a great investment in one of Puerto vallarta most up and coming areas you need not look much further than the Versalles neighborhood. It is one of the original established areas in the city with a great mix of old traditional buildings, single family homes, villas and many new exciting construction projects.

Versalles is home to some of the newswest trendy restaurants and new developments, making this neighborhood both a great lifestyle choice and an excellent investment opportunity. Versalles with its cobblestone streets has a great mix of old and new, giving it a very authentic Mexican feel with a trendy modern edge.

Versalles has plenty of exciting new developments as well as resale opportunities, making for some really exciting choices. The central location of Versalles means ease of access to beaches, hospitals, popular shopping locations such as La Isla Plaza, Costco, La Comer and the The Hotel Zone.

Versalles is home to some of the best restaurants in Vallarta, featuring cuisine options to satisfy every food lover’s taste. Here are some of our favorite restaurant picks in the Versalles neighborhood.

Colonia Versalles is a small colonia strategically located amidst the fabulous new condos, restaurants, and shopping. If you want to be where the action is and create anazing value in your real estate portfolio, or just live in a lovely community Versalles for you. One of the earliest established areas in the city of Puerto Vallarta; it is just east of Francisco Medina Asencio in the Hotel Zone. With tons of new happenings Versalles still maintains cobblestone streets and even some dirt roads. It is a mix of old and new which is very appealing to young professionals and retirees alike.
Situated next to fluvial on its other side and Francisco Medina Asencio (one of the main arteries) the area is filled with good schools and easy access to many private hospitals. There are so many good restaurants in Versalles, that some streets actually have a hip new restaurant on all four corners. My favorite restaurant is Lamara, Hamburgo 108, come and enjoy!

In 2016 I bought a condo in Versalles when there was not much going on in the neighborhood yet. In 2019 Versalles saw a boom of new construction and restaurants. It is now one of the hottest neighborhoods for young families and middle class. It is close to the beach, shopping, and central to town.

One of my favorite things about living in Versalles was the ease of access to everything. Surprisingly, you are actually within walking distance to the beaches. You can easily get to places like the La Isla shopping mall, Fluvial which has Costco and La Comer.

Our Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants

Our Favorite Neighborhood Attractions