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Perched up on the hill just above Zona Romantica (Old Town) you will find the neighborhood of Alta Vista. The elevation of Alta Vista allows for some of the most spectacular views of Banderas Bay, the city of Puerto Vallarta, and the lush jungle. Since Alta Vista is right next to Old Town it offers the proximity of all the restaurants, bars, and beaches, but also has a very quiet neighborhood feel. Alta Vista offers the best of both worlds, peace and quiet, and also the ability to walk to all the action in just a few minutes.

Alta Vista has seen an increasing number of new residential developments in the last year. The completion of V Estrella - featuring 24 luxury condominiums with one, two, and three bedroom units ranging from 1,305 sq ft to 4,666 sq ft. V Estrella sits atop the newly renovated Aguacate steps allowing easy access to Old town within minutes.

Another new development which is midway through construction is SOHO PV. This developer is also  known for building the iconic Pier 57. This exciting new development features 122 luxury residential condominiums, has all the benefits of being located in Alta Vista, and SOHO PV will also boast one of the most spectacular rooftop pools in the city. Other amenities offered are: 10 Pool cabañas, bar-restaurant, fire pit, towel service, and many other amazing amenities.

Definitely consider the Alta Vista Neighborhood for your new forever home in Puerto Vallarta or the perfect place to invest in a holiday rental unit.

Couldn't have chosen a better name for this area. "Alta Vista" (High View in English), fully deserves its name if you ask me.

Being able to spot the bay, the city and the mountains all at once, is a privilege! Picture yourself relaxing in a jacuzzi, swimming in a pool or having a delicious meal, all with those breathtaking views... Well, here you can do just that! At developments such as Soho PV, V Estella or soon to be Agave Vallarta, or at restaurants like El Palomar de los Gonzalez.

If you feel like going out and have fun, you're only minutes away from the beautiful old town to go to a cafe or a bar. Also, you're minutes away from Los Muertos Beach if you want to get some tan, have a parachute ride or hop on a ski boat.

So, whether you're an investor looking out for a nice rental place, or someone looking out for your personal crib, I'd definitely suggest you consider Alta Vista as an option.

Alta Vista is one of the neighborhoods, in Puerto Vallarta, located on the side of the hills, which gives it a “high-view” or “Alta Vista”, in Spanish, being that, perhaps, the reason behind the name. This neighborhood starts at the bottom of the hills and raises, in some cases, as high up as over 200 steps, which can provide stunning views of the city, the Pacific and the Sierra Madre.

Having called this neighborhood home at some point, I can personally say that one of the best features it possesses, besides the views, is the cool breeze that comes with being that high up, thanks to which you may not even need to use air conditioning. Also, it must be said, it is quite magical to live in a neighborhood that will allow you to enjoy amazing views, while surrounded by the noise of the leaves on the trees moving with the wind, because other than that, the high part of Alta Vista is fairly quiet.

From a developmental standpoint, being a highly sought-after area, means that Alta Vista is changing as time goes by. In other words, there are new and beautiful construction projects, which, with time, will only increase the overall value of the properties located in this Area.

In the lower part of Alta Vista, one can find many restaurants and bars, as well as countless options for entertainment. Likewise, it is within walking distance from local hot-spots, such as the Emiliano Zapata Market , the Isla del Río Cuale and the famous Malecón, among many other world-class attractions; making Alta Vista, a can’t-go-wrong option when looking for a neighborhood to call home in Puerto Vallarta.

Colonia Alta Vista is a small colonia that sits right above Zona Romantica. It is just above  Highway 200 and up through the hills and also dips down below the highway making it a sister neighborhood to Emiliano Zapata/Zona Romantica.

Since most of the colonia is located on a hillside, this colonia is famous for its views and proximity to boutique hotels, restaurants, clubs and beautiful villas. The cobblestone streets and charming architecture will hypnotize you and the people of this colonia will welcome you.

In between the majestic Villas are some of the most reasonable and diverse condos in town. The condo buildings are all small and personal and range from pre-construction to over forty years old. Plan to pay a premium for a newer condo but you can always save by buying pre-construction.

Take a drive or have your Uber driver take you up Calle Pulpito off the highway. Go up to the top and then come back down Calle Pulpito West of the highway to Los Muertos Beach. You will see Alta Vista is less than two miles from the most popular beach in Vallarta.

The very first property that I purchased when I moved to Puerto Vallarta was Carmen Alicia at the top of Manuel M Dieguez in Alta Vista. Living in that condo and neighborhood taught me so much about what it is really like to live in Mexico. I learned about the culture and traditions of Mexico thanks to the warm and caring neighbors who would invite me to their parties and events.

Alta Vista is just far enough removed from the hustle and bustle of being smack in the middle of Old Town, but yet so close that within just a few minute walk you are at your favorite restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops.

Living in Alta Vista also taught me to appreciate the local cuisine. Restaurants like El Brujo serve amazing traditional Mexican seafood, and some really amazing dishes with a modern flare. Taco stands are plentiful as well, if you need an evening meal that is both affordable and tasty, kitty-corner of El Brujo is a taco stand that is worth a visit.

The other reason Alta Vista is worth living in, is for the amazing views. Because it is located on the hills above Emiliano Zapata, there are lots of condos that feature spectacular ocean, city and mountain views. Places like V Estrella, Alcazar, and many more

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing about having moved to Alta Vista!